Should You go to College for Franchising?

Babson college

Check out These Colleges and Universities That Offer Specialized Franchising Programs and Courses

The franchise industry is booming with opportunities that go way beyond franchise ownership. Yes, franchise companies always look for smart, business-savvy people to grow their brands as franchisees, but they also need people on their corporate teams to support the company’s growth and its franchise owners.

Some franchisors employ hundreds of professionals in sales, support, training, development, and more. As the industry grows, the demand will only increase. According to a report by FranData, franchise output in 2021 is projected to grow by 16.4% and contribute a total of $780 billion to the U.S. economy. And that’s coming out of a pandemic. All signs show that careers in franchising are on the rise and a degree in the field will be worthwhile.

More and more schools are recognizing the importance of franchising and including it in their business curriculums. Here’s a look at some of the early adapters.

Babson College

The Tariq Farid Franchise Institute at Babson College (above) is both new and exciting. Started by a gift from Tariq Farid, CEO and founder of Edible Brands, the program combines the college’s business and entrepreneurial curricula to teach students about franchising and its opportunities. The bulk of the curriculum consists of case studies, experiential learning, an advisory council from Babson alumni who have experience in the franchise industry, and multidisciplinary faculty research on the importance of franchising. 

Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Titus Center for Franchising

Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Titus Center for Franchising is a great resource for students who wish to understand and apply practices of business franchising. The Titus Center is a part of the university’s business school. Franchising students will earn a bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in franchising. The school also offers a variety of certificate programs. One benefit to studying at the Titus Center is that students can participate in a franchise internship program, providing real-world experience and knowledge. Additionally, students are given the opportunity to be a part of the job shadowing program at the United Franchise Group, and umbrella franchisor with nearly 1,500 franchisees in over 80 countries.

The University of Louisville

University of Louisville Center for Global Franchise Excellence
The University of Louisville partnered with Yum! Brands and created a Center for Global Franchise Excellence which will seek out people of color and women for schooling as future entrepreneurs.

The University of Louisville offers an online franchise management certificate program in conjunction with its MBA program. Students enrolled in this program develop the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the franchise industry by completing six 1.5-credit-hour courses. The courses are designed for individuals who plan to become franchisees or already are franchisees and want to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to grow their franchise business. More recently, the school partnered with Yum! Brands and created a Center for Global Franchise Excellence, which will seek out people of color and women for schooling as future entrepreneurs.

Northwood University

At Northwood University, located in Midland, Michigan, students can elect to major in franchise management. Based on a foundation of free enterprise and entrepreneurship, the franchise management major provides students with real-world experience and the opportunity to understand the fundamentals and the ins and outs of the industry, including best practices for successfully owning and operating a franchise. Courses include Principles of Franchising, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Commercial and Real Estate Law, and International Franchising.

Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies

At Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies students can obtain a certificate in franchise management. Students who wish to participate in this program have the opportunity to work both online and in-person, studying case studies, working on interactive exercises, and listening to various guest speakers to expand their knowledge of franchising. Students must complete two required courses within a two-year period.

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