Prospecting after the pandemic: Insights on employee recruitment

Prospecting after the pandemic: Franchise insights on employee recruitment

Staffing and recruitment looks a lot different than it did a year or two ago

A brand is defined by many things, but perhaps the most important is the people who serve as its leaders and representatives. A company’s employees are embodiments of the brand’s ideals and constantly carry out its mission. That’s why finding the right people for the job is so essential.

Staffing and recruitment looks a lot different nowadays than it did a year or two ago. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we work in the blink of an eye. As we start getting our feet back on the ground, it’s important to remember to walk — not run — when rebuilding your staff recruitment process. Whether your business experienced unexpected layoffs, disheartening furloughs and/or financial turmoil, the process of building it back up is one that will take time.

According to the American Staffing Association, “employment in the professional and business sector is projected to grow to 0.7% annually to nearly 22.8 million jobs in 2029.” This is great news! Yet building the bridge between now and 2029 will be no easy feat. Here are some insights to help you and your business gain the best employees to go along for the ride.

Review and relay your company’s mission

As previously mentioned, you want the people you hire to be the correct fit in terms of leadership, mission, and drive. This is a great time to review your brand’s mission statement to really get a feel for what qualities your ideal candidate has. Another great exercise is to pick parts of your own personal journey with the company, or interview people who have worked in the position you are trying to fill, in order to gain insight into what will make a successful teammate. Get firsthand knowledge of what it is that made the position so attractive to them: what they got out of it, why they would suggest it to others, and then also what could be improved. A candidate will appreciate that someone who was once in their shoes would be willing to break things down for them through honesty and transparency. 

Your clients are some of the biggest untapped opportunities for case studies, quotes, interactive discovery days and more. They know your brand’s mission and are, in some cases, just as dedicated to it as you are — that’s why they keep coming back and supporting your business. After such a crazy year, you should ask them why they remain customers, what about your business stands out and what — in their opinion — do they think sets your employees apart from the rest? When employee prospects are able to get a firsthand look at how they could positively impact the lives of clients and people around them, it creates a push to want to be part of that interactive and tight-knit community.

“When you have content and ads
          that are tailored to potential hires, you’ll be increasing brand presence and awareness at the same time.”

Use technology to your advantage

One of the biggest assets to job recruitment, hiring and retention is the continuous advancement of technology. There are hundreds of staffing service companies that work to help you find your ideal employees, but also keep in mind the ways in which you can advertise your openings with in-house marketing. With the amount of time people spend on their phones per day, it’s critical to utilize the internet to advertise your opportunities! Your business has the ability to advertise on the same social media, website and landing pages that potential candidates are already surfing daily. Meet them where they already are!

As a tech digital marketing company, Eulerity advises on custom ad creatives for brands based on any new event, idea, promotion — you name it! Our marketing automation lets brands reach their customers across all channels, not just a job posting site. With services like ours, your brand’s online engagement and website traffic can show, in some cases, above a 50% increase in just a month. Make sure you’re not just advertising to your customers, but to potential employees. When you have content and ads that are tailored to potential hires, you’ll be increasing brand presence and awareness at the same time.

Tweak your timeline

Employee contractual agreements can be a touchy subject, but hear us out — what if you tweaked your current employment timelines? If you’re having trouble finding employees, it’s worth assessing if the contractual timeline you have set is something affecting their decision. What would normally be a year contract could shift to be six months, part-time, or even freelance. Now this all depends on the services and staff size you currently offer, but if the change could increase your new hire size, why not try? 

When you meet people in the middle and provide flexibility, you are saying that you understand that they may still be trying to get back on their feet after Covid-19 or are trying to find their next best fit after what could have been an unexpected and uncertain period of unemployment. If possible, speak with your chief financial officer and team leads about tweaking your employee timelines to offer more flexibility and an opportunity to assess their performance, their interest and their future with the brand after a period of time has passed. 

Emphasize workplace flexibility and safety

One of the biggest changes that the pandemic brought on was making people work remotely from home — something that has now become the new norm. For some brands, this may feel incredibly daunting to your ability to recruit and hire employees. However, this serves as an opportunity to showcase your strong employee and client relationships, in-person events and employee engagement. Although your employees may be working from home, you can still offer them hands-on work experience and interaction with colleagues and more. If your brand’s services aren’t able to be done from home and have to be in-person, don’t let it isolate you out of the market. Leverage your in-person connections and consumer engagement. What can’t other brands do from home? What can’t they give customers from a remote workplace? Use this to your advantage. 

We hope these insights will help you navigate your brand’s post-pandemic journey. Making sure to leverage technology, marketing innovations and new gateways for connection is key. If you’re interested in hearing more about Eulerity and its marketing automation services, we’d love to speak with you.

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