Conserva Irrigation: A Purpose-Driven Franchise

Conserva Irrigation: A Purpose-Driven Franchise

Independent Business Owners Thrive While Helping Save Water and the Planet

The lead-up to Earth Day, April 22, is the perfect time to think of what you, as an individual, can do to preserve the planet for future generations. If you want to operate your own business, earn a good living, and feel great about what you do, then Conserva Irrigation may just the right fit. Conserva Irrigation was founded on the principle of minimizing wasted water in its irrigation systems for homes and businesses. And although I’m leaning on a cliché to say this, Conserva Irrigation franchises do well by doing good.

Another reason to consider starting a Conserva Irrigation franchise now is the strength of the American economy and, in particular, the performance of franchises within it. FRANdata, which conducts franchise-focused economic research, predicts that franchising’s growth will be 4.3% this year, more than doubling the increase of the overall U.S. gross domestic product, which is expected to be about 2%. Franchising’s total output (the combined value of goods and services) should rise 4.1% this year to $893.9 billion, according to the International Franchise Association’s 2024 Franchising Economic Outlook report. In 2023, the total was $858.5 billion.

Conserva Irrigation Franchise’s Mission

In providing their B2C and B2B services, Conserva Irrigation franchisees maintain beautiful landscapes without squandering resources through needless runoff. Clients save money, too, because irrigation accounts for more than half of most water bills; a Conserva Irrigation system can trim water usage by as much as 60% and pay for itself in just a few years. In short, Conserva Irrigation franchisees are helping their clients and their clients’ communities via efficient management of watering. 

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Just how precious is the world’s water supply? Earth is nicknamed the Blue Planet because seen from space, there is so much blue water coloring its surface – in fact, about 70% of Earth is covered in water. But less than 3% of that amount is considered freshwater, and two-thirds of that freshwater is frozen. National Geographic reports that only about 1% of Earth’s water is available for consumption, and 1.5 billion gallons of fresh water are wasted daily because of overwatering and irrigation system runoff, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

What Franchisees Are Responsible For

Our franchisees work every day to counteract that waste. They combine cutting-edge technology with time-tested irrigation system designs in the eco-friendly sprinkler systems they install and maintain for their customers. The day-to-day duties of our franchisees vary, but here’s a general overview of their responsibilities for running their businesses:

  • Review billable activities, including the previous day’s completed work orders and current workday appointments. They also run activity reports for accepted and incomplete proposals.
  • Manage marketing and finances. Franchisees keep tabs on email campaigns, networking, sales activities, and do guerrilla marketing such as signs and door hangers. They check their year-to-date and monthly budgets.
  • Monitor inventory and supply requisition, manage and report on inventory, analyze the cost of goods sold, and estimate the future prices for supplies they’ll need. In addition, they place any necessary inventory orders.
  • Interface with office staff to discuss any gaps in deliverables with technicians and how any shortfalls may impact customers. They also will continue training and support with their staff members. 
  • Consult with the Conserva Irrigation franchise support team. This includes touching base with our business management and finance specialists, IT department, and marketing and operations on an as-needed basis.

Who Fits the Conserva Brand?

The ideal Conserva Irrigation franchisees are persevering, focused team builders with a passion for both water conservation and their communities. They do not need experience in irrigation systems, although a background in mechanical engineering, software sales and/or home services franchising is an advantage for franchisee candidates. 

Conserva Irrigation franchise

Most Conserva Irrigation franchisees start with one service vehicle and a lead technician to handle jobs. A part-time or full-time administrator answers the telephone and sets up appointments. A junior technician is often hired soon after opening and is trained so he or she is ready to take on the second service vehicle as business growth dictates. Then the initial lead technician will train another junior technician to continue the training cycle in order to build scale. The business may be home-based, which helps to keep overhead low.

How Corporate Serves Franchisees

Conserva’s Virginia-based corporate team provides comprehensive initial training (plus ongoing training) and widespread marketing to boost each franchisee’s customer base. Conserva Irrigation has product partnerships that ensure its franchisees supply their customers with top-quality components, smart controllers and sensors.  

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Conserva Irrigation franchisees benefit from networking with fellow owners as well as from strong client retention and recurring revenue streams from repairs and seasonal maintenance. Conserva Irrigation offers fixed-price maintenance plans that enhance each owner’s recurring revenue. 

The Empower Brands Family

Because Conserva Irrigation is part of the Empower Brands franchise portfolio, Conserva franchisees enjoy the advantage of lead generation across the entire family of brands. Other Empower Brands are Archadeck Outdoor Living, Bumble Roofing, Canopy Lawn Care, FIRSTeam (restoration service), JAN-PRO Systems International (commercial cleaning), Koala Insulation, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, Superior Fence & Rail, and Wallaby Windows. It’s a big win for Conserva Irrigation franchisees that Empower Brands’ other outdoor-living-related brands are intertwined, which opens the door to referrals for sprinkler services. 

Founded in 2010 and franchising since 2017, Conserva Irrigation is the largest irrigation contractor in the United States serving residential and commercial customers. The brand has approximately 180 units in operation, but many territories are available around the United States. Click here to learn more about opportunities with the Conserva Irrigation franchise.

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Russ Jundt is the founder, president, and brand leader at Conserva Irrigation, a franchise that specializes in commercial and residential irrigation services and solutions that help alleviate the billions of gallons of water wasted every day due to irrigation system runoff.
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