Bobby’s Burgers by Bobby Flay Names Michael McGill President of Intelligration Capital BB, LLC

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McGill will Oversee the Burger Franchise’s Global Expansion

Bobby’s Burgers, a popular burger concept by celebrity chef Bobby Flay, named Michael McGill president of its franchising company, Intelligration Capital BB, LLC. In addition to overseeing all departments, McGill will work to expand Bobby’s Burgers worldwide. According to a press release, Intelligration Capital BB, LLC, owns exclusive rights to franchise Bobby’s Burgers globally and aims to franchise over 500 locations. McGill has more than three decades of experience in senior-level, global, multicultural leadership positions in the retail and restaurant industries.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for McGill. In addition to working with Flay and the experienced executive team, McGill simply believes in the burger brand’s great food. “Our menu is hand-crafted by Bobby Flay using only the highest-quality ingredients. We are truly a chef-driven concept that is proven with every bite. I look forward to making the unforgettable Bobby Flay dining experience accessible to communities worldwide through Bobby’s Burgers.”

Michael McGill, Bobby's Burgers
Michael McGill is the new president of Intelligration Capital BB, LLC. 

McGill and Franchising

McGill has a unique perspective because he has sat on all sides of the table as a franchisee, area developer, and at the executive level. “I’ve also been able to work with brands at all different stages of development, from established and iconic brands to start-ups, that have now evolved into iconic brands,” he added.

Throughout his career, McGill has partnered with people from all segments of the franchise industry. “I vividly recall working side-by-side with store owners opening their first location and all of the energy that feeds into opening the doors the first day. I have been at the boardroom table with peers from some of the industry’s most highly-regarded global brands, where I learned how to lead franchise businesses.” He credits his diverse perspective to the great experiences and people he has met.  

McGill believes that “the franchise industry provides the unique opportunity to work with a diverse and talented group of business owners and entrepreneurs coming from various backgrounds and walks of life that most other industries may not offer.” He enjoys building brands and working with teams to grow profitable businesses and impact lives. 

“At Bobby’s Burgers by Bobby Flay, we’re creating the ultimate burger experience that everyone tied to the brand can share. It is not lost on me that we have the rare opportunity to enrich the lives of our team members, to inspire a culture of excellence, and model servant leadership throughout the franchise community.” To McGill, this experience will “ultimately create a lasting impact on our customers and within the communities we serve. It’s amazing to be connected to so many people in this way.”

Entrepreneurs who want to succeed in franchising should have a passion for what they’re doing, McGill said. “It’s especially important to believe in the brand that you are going to be a part of — have a connection to the company’s mission and vision. The most successful franchisees are the ones who get truly involved with the business and are able to create a sense of family and culture.” McGill believes that it is important for franchisors and franchisees to align on core values.

Private Equity and Franchising 

McGill understands the importance of private equity in franchising and knows that they’re well-matched. “It is very healthy to see private equity play a role in franchising. Whether it’s a founder-led group or a more traditional organization, private equity provides the opportunity to accelerate development while supporting the organizational structure needed to accelerate growth.” 

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