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Daher Rounds Out a Trio of Promotions for the Battery Retailer’s Leadership Team

Batteries Plus announced the promotion of Victor Daher to vice president of franchise development. This rounds out a trio of promotions by the battery retail franchisor. In addition to Daher, Joe Malmuth was named Chief Franchising Officer, and Brandon Mangual was promoted to managing director of franchise development. With this new role, Daher is responsible for overseeing Batteries Plus’ demographics, territory development, and market optimization. He previously served as director of franchise development. 

A unique business model and stable industry attracted Daher to the battery retailer. “Batteries are a needed item for all of us. It does not matter what happens in our economy; people and businesses will always need batteries.”

Victor Daher, Batteries Plus
Victor Daher is the new vice president of franchise development for Batteries Plus.

Since Batteries Plus is a leader in the industry with a proven track record of more than three decades of success, Daher is “extremely excited to join the franchise development team and continue to lead the growth of this great brand for years to come.”

In Daher’s view, the battery retailer will positively impact the future of franchising. ”As our brand continues to grow and explore new avenues and revenue streams for growth, we are poised to bring a very unique and fresh franchise offering to many investors across the country.” 

Daher adds that the battery retailer’s leadership team wants to continue bringing new ideas and innovating the brand’s technology to stay ahead of the curve. ”We see ourselves as a household name synonymous with advancement of technologies in the franchise space for years to come.”

Daher’s Franchising Journey

As a child, Daher grew up with a father who owned and operated franchises. He spent many summers in his father’s business learning the sales and operational side of franchising. 

“After graduating from college, I knew franchising was definitely my career path, but I wanted to gain experience with other organizations other than continuing to work with my father. I joined a multi-branded franchise group, and the rest is history!”

Daher became attracted to the franchise development side of franchising early. “My favorite part about the industry is seeing first-time business owners who I had put in business succeed; they have always had a dream of being a business owner, operating successful businesses and building a legacy for themselves and their families.” Daher has a successful franchise career in his own right.

Advice From a Certified Franchise Executive 

Daher is a Certified Franchise Executive. To him, this designation means being part of a community of like-minded people who share common values and goals. “Sharing ideas and best practices with one another ensures that the world of franchising can continue to grow and transform people’s lives for the better.” 

He advises entrepreneurs interested in franchising to do their due diligence. “Do a lot of research prior to even sitting down with any representative of the company you are considering. Read and consume every piece of information possible on the brand, including every page of the FDD.” He adds that reaching out to owners, visiting locations, and speaking to corporate employees ensure an understanding of “every detail of the business to confirm that you are passionate about it and can see yourself being successful within it.”

For franchisors looking to improve their development process, Daher advises setting up predetermined steps that ensure all concerns are addressed and questions are answered. “Create these steps as if you were buying your own business. What would you like to see, hear, and experience? For us, transparency is our number one priority. Additionally, setting clear expectations from day one and making sure candidates understand what a day in the life of our franchisee looks like are important.”

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