Unity Rd. is at the Center of the Cannabis Renaissance

Unity Rd. Cannabis Franchise

Dispensary Franchisor Unity Rd. is Normalizing and Professionalizing the Cannabis Industry

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The stigma associated with cannabis is quickly becoming a thing of the past. As more and more states legalize social cannabis consumption, curious customers flock to dispensaries to check out the once taboo indulgence.

Cannabis dispensary franchisor Unity Rd. is at the center of this cannabis renaissance. The respected brand is normalizing and professionalizing the industry with high-quality products, an experienced team and the backing of its parent company, Item 9 Labs Corp., which has the distinction of being the largest publicly traded cannabis franchise company.

Who is the Cannabis Customer?

The profile of today’s cannabis customer may surprise you. Erica Tarnowski, franchise development manager for Unity Rd. says the fastest-growing segment of recreational cannabis users is the “Chardonnay mom.” These “canna-curious” women are educated, affluent moms who are connoisseurs of cannabis and seek a social experience rather than just a high.

Unity Rd. cannabis franchise  development manager Erica Tarnowski
Unity Rd. franchise development manager Erica Tarnowski

At Unity Rd. shops, customers are offered suggestions from knowledgeable guides or “budtenders,” as commonly known in the industry, who help them explore the new world of offerings, from edibles such as gummies and chocolates, to beverages, plus an array of flower types that create varied experiences. Products are stored in slick packaging with THC potency amounts listed. 

Unity Rd. cannabis franchise team
The passionate team at Unity Rd. is expanding right along with the rapidly growing cannabis industry. Since the brand launched in 2018, it has four open locations with 20 entrepreneurial groups developing across 10-plus states.

The Cannabis Entrepreneur

Although cannabis is not an easy industry to take on, Tarnowski says it’s an exciting one that’s growing rapidly. “But it’s not for everyone,” she says. “It’s hard for even the most savvy investor to navigate on their own. There are many challenges with licensing, location selection, banking and compliance. But we make it easier.”

With the support of Unity Rd., investors have a leg up. “We know how to navigate this industry and offer proven path for trailblazing entrepreneurs.”

Unity Rd. cannabis franchise in Hartford, S.D.
A new Unity Rd. shop in Hartford, S.D., gets ready to open for business.

For investors who can deal with ambiguity, are comfortable with risk, and have access to a lot of liquid capital, the possibilities are tremendous. “The returns and rewards are well worth it,” Tarnowski says. The $25 billion industry is predicted to double in the next few years. “Each and every one of us at the Unity Rd. team is thrilled to be part of this new movement,” she says. “We are leading the way for entrepreneurial risk takers to succeed.”

For more information about the Unity Rd. franchise, visit www.franchise.unityrd.com.

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