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Tuesday 06 October 2015
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April 1, 2008 - Four years after the Corporate Mr. Food no-fuss Meals store opened in Coral Springs, Florida, the popular meal assembly retail concept has seen a new market open up due to the country’s struggling economy. As the company celebrates its fourth anniversary this month, they’ve learned why so many new customers are coming through their doors.

In today’s economic environment, more and more consumers aren’t eating out as often and are looking for restaurant-quality meals at affordable prices that can be enjoyed right at the dinner table. Combine this with the rising cost of gas quickly approaching $3.50 a gallon in most states and Americans staying closer to home, Mr. Food no-fuss Meals has become the answer for families looking to get dinner on the table…faster, fresher and for less money.

"We used to eat fast food four times a week. My family now eats healthier, thanks to Mr. Food no-fuss Meals! With the quality of ingredients used in the meals, I know my family is getting the nutrition they need. So not only do we save money, but we have more energy and have less fat in our diets. Good-bye French fries...hello fast and healthy meals! Thank you, Mr. Food!," says Debbie Fratrik of Lake Worth, Florida.

Over the last four years, Mr. Food no-fuss Meals has listened to their guests and improved upon the concept by incorporating many of the suggestions and feedback. Some of the changes have included larger portion sizes, healthier options, convenient freezer-to-oven meals, more convenient Session times, the ability to purchase as few as 3 or more meals, adding a KidZone (where kids can play while adults assemble their meals), guest lounges for private parties and more kid-friendly meal items. A delivery option is also on the horizon as the company gets ready to roll-out their newly redesigned web site.

After years of developing and continually tweaking the franchise model, the brand has grown over 100% annually and is on target to grow over 200% in 2008. Another ingredient to their projected long-term success is that they do not believe in hop-scotching the country, but rather in developing strong positioning in select markets.

“Our philosophy mirrors that of the Mr. Food brand, in terms of doing it right the first time and following a slow and steady targeted growth. Add that to our goal of recruiting top talent to help us grow, and that’s a recipe for success,” says CEO of Mr. Food no-fuss Meals, Howard Rosenthal.

Mr. Food no-fuss Meals is the only meal assembly concept to be backed by a powerful celebrity brand, nationally syndicated television show host, popular food personality and author, Mr. Food (Art Ginsburg). Following the Mr. Food philosophies of quick-and-easy meal preparation, Mr. Food no-fuss Meals provides families and busy professionals with a convenient way to prepare home-style meals.

Boasting the freshest products and recipes developed during years of extensive testing in the Mr. Food Test Kitchens, the Mr. Food no-fuss Meals concept is a simple one. Guests register online at www.nofussmeals.com and select from the menu of 13 meals that change monthly. Once guests arrive for their sessions, they are provided with packaging and all the fresh ingredients and instructions to assemble their choice of 3 to 18 flavor-packed dishes. Each family-sized (or smaller) meal can literally be assembled in minutes.

Once assembled, guests package their meals and take them home to refrigerate and enjoy during the next few days, or freeze until ready to cook and enjoy…stress-free! For those who can't fit regular sessions at Mr. Food no-fuss Meals into their schedules, customized Grab 'n' Go meal preparation pick-up service is also available.

Mr. Food no-fuss Meals has locations throughout Florida, North Carolina and New York with numerous stores slated to open this year.

For more information about Mr. Food no-fuss Meals and to find out about becoming a franchisee, visit www.nofussmeals.com or email franchise@nofussmeals.com.

About Mr. Food no-fuss Meals:

Having value-priced, home-cooked, tasty meals on the table in minutes is a reality with Mr. Food no-fuss Meals. The unique retail concept in meal assembly allows guests to prepare and customize home-cooked meals using fresh ingredients and step-by-step instructions from Mr. Food. At Mr. Food no-fuss Meals, anyone can quickly and effortlessly create mouthwatering meals in minutes.

Mr. Food no-fuss Meals is a natural extension of what Mr. Food has been doing for more than 30 years. He helps his time-crunched audience via his daily TV segment and best-selling cookbooks, and now Mr. Food no-fuss Meals makes it possible for people across the country to get dinner on the table even faster, making it fresher and more affordable. It gives people another reason to say, “OOH IT’S SO GOOD!!®”

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Caryl Fantel

VP, PR & Communications

954.938.0400, ext. 305


View Company Website: http://www.nofussmeals.com

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