Wicked Lick Ice Cream Seeks Franchisees in Fort Lauderdale

Wicked Lick

The Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Shop Offers a Cool Franchise Opportunity

Wicked Lick, which makes all-natural ice creams that are chilled to deliciousness with liquid nitrogen, has announced plans to expand into South Florida. This emerging brand seeks franchisees in Fort Lauderdale who are excited about sharing the one-of-a-kind customer experience that Wicked Lick ice cream dishes up. 

John Smotryski and Amanda Velazquez launched the company in 2018 after moving from the mainland to Key West, a tropical island south of the Florida peninsula. The duo headed south with a two-part goal: to chase their entrepreneurial dream and enjoy a slower-paced lifestyle.   

Smotryski, who had retired from earlier positions in real estate and construction, cashed in his retirement savings for the new dream. After generating an enthusiastic fan base in their Key West, Fla., flagship shop, Smotryski and Velazquez – want Wicked Lick to spread its wings and soar. 

Why Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream?

Wicked Lick Franchise

Wicked Lick ice cream is made from scratch in small batches and immediately frozen with liquid nitrogen at 321 degrees below zero. This process enhances the smooth texture and eliminates the need for stabilizers or other artificial ingredients. “The quality, along with unique flavors and serving options, makes our product stand out,” Smotryski says.

Daily flavors include Cookie Butter Caramel, Cold Brewed Cuban Coffee, Wild Strawberry, Dairy-Free Coconut, Mexican Vanilla and Chocolate. In addition, seasonal ice cream flavors are on the menu each day. A wide range of toppings also are available for those who want to add nuts, various chocolate products, marshmallow, crunchy cereal or strawberries, among other options. The ice cream tastes fresh because it is fresh – made daily and not stored in a freezer for weeks or months before being served.

The ingredients in Wicked Lick ice cream aren’t those unpronounceable words found on typical cartons. Nope, instead Wicked Lick uses real dairy, cane sugar, fruits, chocolate and coffee – among other natural taste treats. “First-time customers immediately know the difference,” Smotryski says.

The Wicked Lick Guest Experience

“Our fresh ingredients contribute to vibrant flavors delivered in a rich, creamy consistency,” he adds. “Every customer leaves with a lasting memory that keeps them coming back for more. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that is bigger than Key West, and we can’t wait to share it with more and more communities.”

Velazquez points out that “we started Wicked Lick with a vision of creating a place that would welcome and entice the community on a daily basis. I look forward to coming into the shop every morning and interacting with our guests, seeing the joy on their faces when the liquid nitrogen puffs into the air or taking a bite of their treat is so fulfilling.”

Fort Lauderdale Expansion

Velazquez and Smotryski spent many months perfecting the business. “We’ve worked hard to adapt and create a brand that stands out. We make exceptional ice cream. It’s as simple as that,” Smotryski says. Today they are evangelists for their brand, with Velazquez saying “we are ready to find partners who are looking to spread that happiness we feel every day.”

Fort Lauderdale represents an excellent target city for Wicked Lick’s expansion. Florida’s overall population grew by 2.7 million, a rate of 14.6%, from 2010 to 2020, and Fort Lauderdale posted a 10.83% population increase during that decade. 

The Wicked Lick Franchise Opportunity

Wicked Lick would like to partner with single- and multi-unit franchisees throughout South Florida. The ice cream brand has a goal of awarding 10 licenses by the end of 2022; in addition to food sales, franchisees will benefit from a secondary revenue stream: sales of branded merchandise such as T-shirts, tank tops and caps. 

The ideal franchisee will have previous business management experience and have a passion for building a business that they want to be hands-on in growing and operating. Including the franchise fee, the initial investment for a Wicked Lick location ranges from about $211,500 to $341,200. Wicked Lick’s slogan, “If you don’t lick it, someone else will,” has given a tremendous boost to its sales of branded merchandise and also has led to increased brand awareness. The witty words reflect the fun atmosphere that customers expect at Wicked Lick. If you’re interested in joining the party and chasing your entrepreneurial dream, find out about Wicked Lick’s franchise opportunities at https://WickedLick.com/franchise.

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