Village Inn

Each Village Inn restaurant features a number of special qualities that set us apart from our competition:

  • Delicious menu of home-style fare, including signature breakfast foods served throughout the day, lunch and dinner selections and award-winning pies
  • A tradition of treating our customers as if they are guests in our home
  • Warm and inviting interior design, featuring welcoming lobbies and tempting pie displays

Village Inn has experienced 17 quarters of consecutive sales growth year over year during what has been one of the most challenging times for the restaurant industry.  Average restaurant sales topped $1.63M in 2013.

Village Inn was recognized as one of the Top 5 Family Dining Restaurants in the 2014 Consumer Picks survey and a Top 50 Franchisee Satisfaction Award by the Restaurant Business Review.

With over 200 restaurants, Village Inn has enjoyed five decades of success and under the ownership of American Blue Ribbon Holding, a diversified restaurant holding company, they have completed a system wide re-imaging of all restaurants.   The fresh, contemporary design and décor, great food and award winning pie are the foundation that we are building on for the future.  We are now focused on internal and external new growth.  We will be filling in existing markets as well as entering new markets in the coming months and years.

Come join a proven performer as we grow the Village Inn footprint.

Contact: Marcy Contreras

Estimated Investment: $940,000 -2,460,000.  Approximately 20% cash investment

3038 Sidco Dr., Nashville, TN 37204
800-8003644 Ext. 8873
Initial Fee:
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