Verlo Mattress Offers a Product Like No Other Mattress Franchise

Verlo Mattress Franchise

Verlo Mattress Franchise Owners Build Personalized Mattresses Locally and Sell Them Directly to Customers

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Everyone knows sleep is important. It can impact your general health and well-being. Sleep helps your body and brain function properly. A good night’s sleep can help improve your learning, memory, decision-making, and creativity. But a bad night’s sleep can do just the opposite. It can put your health and productivity at risk.

Many factors can contribute to sleep, including your mattress. Knowing this, Verlo Mattress has created a system to create the perfect mattress. At each location, Comfort Coaches work with customers to build their own personalized mattresses for the best night’s sleep.

Dirk Stallman
Verlo Mattress President Dirk Stallman

The global mattress market is expected to grow from about 35 billion U.S. dollars in 2021 to 43 billion dollars by 2024. The Verlo Mattress franchise opportunity takes advantage of that growth with a unique model. The direct-to-consumer mattress store franchise model combines building personalized mattresses locally and selling them directly to the customer, which cuts out the middleman and reduces prices. Here, Verlo Mattress President Dirk Stallman explains what sets the brand apart, both as a franchise opportunity and from the consumers’ perspective.

Is Verlo Mattress Amazon-Proof?

Dirk Stallman: Verlo Mattress is absolutely Amazon-proof! Most of the mattresses you see online are from marketing companies that happen to sell mattresses. So many have come and gone that it’s hard to keep track. They fail for a number of reasons, but there are two constant problems they are unable to overcome. Often people don’t like the comfort or quality of the mattress they received, so they send it back. Ask your friends: You’d be surprised how many people you know have a bad online mattress shopping experience. Those are the types of experiences that make Verlo Mattress Amazon-proof.   

People want to try the mattress before they buy it. You spend a third of your life on your mattress and providing a mattress that is personalized to your needs is something that sets Verlo Mattress aside from everyone else. Every franchisee starts with a Mattress Factory Store where they make the mattresses in the back and sell them in the showroom upfront. This factory gives many advantages, but the biggest is our Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. Verlo Mattress Lifetime Comfort Guarantee states we can make your mattress firmer or softer for the entire time you own it, and we will even offer to do that one time for no charge in the first year on most of our mattresses. So there is no fear of picking the wrong mattress. If your needs change over time, we can refit the mattress to you. That’s something no one else can provide, not even Amazon.     

What Does it Take to Run a Verlo Mattress Franchise?

Dirk Stallman: Our franchise does not require a lot of staff, and most of the staff is cross-trained. That is a real advantage when employees are hard to find. A three-store franchise can operate with four comfort coaches (sales) and two to four craftsmen/delivery (factory/installation) plus one manager if the franchisee is running an executive model or semi-absentee. If they prefer to be an owner-operator, they can fill the role of the manager. Since our franchisees make their mattresses, they can keep a low level of component inventory while having the ability to make a wide range of products. This ensures their capital is not tied up in inventory.

The Verlo Mattress Franchise Opportunity

Dirk Stallman: How many people do you know who sleep on a mattress? That’s a lot of people, and our Item 19 reflects that level of opportunity. If the average person replaces their mattress every 10 years, that means 10% of the population in a given area are in the market for a mattress this year. Studies show it’s closer to every eight years, which only increases the opportunity. Pair this with the fact that almost every store in a market sells the same major mattress brands. Their only real differentiator is price and that is a race to the bottom. 

Verlo Mattress franchisees have real differentiators, including locally made products, factory-direct prices, personalized comfort, lifetime Comfort Guarantee, and the list goes on. The ideal candidate has sales and management experience. In the smaller markets, they want to be the brand, and in the larger markets, they want to operate multiple locations, possibly an entire major market. 

Why Shop at Verlo Mattress?

Dirk Stallman: Verlo Mattress gives factory-direct prices by cutting out the middle-man-markup seen in mattress stores that sell national brand mattresses. Verlo Mattress franchisees make their mattresses locally and sell them directly to the customer. All of our mattresses are backed by our 100% non-prorated warranty against defects in material and craftsmanship along with our Lifetime Comfort Guarantee.

Customers receive a better in-store experience because our comfort coaches are mattress experts. They are trained to provide exceptional service and an education-based sales process that allows the customer to select a mattress without being sold. Customers will always make a good choice for themselves if they have the tools, so we give them the tools to make good choices for themselves. You can see this in our Google reviews.

Benefits of Owning a Verlo Mattress Franchise

QUALITY PRODUCT: Verlo Mattress franchise owners can feel good about what they sell. The mattresses have higher density poly foams than those used by the competition, plus fabrics with specialty fibers to regulate temperature better.

LOW COST OF ENTRY: The initial investment will range from $360,438 to $424,655. 

VETERAN & FIRST RESPONDER DISCOUNT: Verlo Mattress offers 25% off of the initial franchise fee.  

ROBUST SUPPLY CHAIN: Verlo Mattress has a well-established relationship with vendors to ensure the best product and prices.

LOW STAFFING REQUIREMENTS: Depending on the store’s size, one to four employees are needed.

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