Sip Fresh Appoints Frank Gonzales to Vice President of Franchise Development

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Gonzales Works with Existing Franchisees to Meet Their Goals and Expand the Juice Franchise

Frank Gonzales has been appointed to vice president of franchise development of Sip Fresh, a juice franchise that serves hand-crafted, fresh fruit-based beverages and bowls. As the new vice president of franchise development, Gonzales works with existing franchise owners to meet their business objectives and help expand Sip Fresh. He is a senior-level business development professional with more than two decades of expertise in multi-channel QSR brand growth. Gonzales is also knowledgeable about franchise sales, real estate, construction, finance, franchise marketing, and strategic market planning. 

In a statement, Gonzales said, “I believe my position at Sip Fresh is a natural career evolution from my previous roles. Packaging a fun, vibrant brand, with a profitable, scalable, and uncomplicated system is the perfect fit.” He looks forward to working with franchisees “to build a plan that helps them best develop territories, utilize resources for success and ultimately meet business goals.”

Gonzales believes that finding the right franchise partners will help Sip Fresh grow. “I am super excited for all of the available white space! I have met some wonderful potential franchisee candidates who have been looking for an opportunity to grow in their respective markets and are excited to potentially find a match with Sip Fresh,” Gonzales said. He adds that the juice franchise embraces technology, which makes it easier for franchisees to grow and for their operations team to excel at store level.

Sip Fresh’s leadership team believes that Gonzales is a great fit for the position. Sharon Arthofer, Sip Fresh’s CEO, said, “We are thrilled to welcome Frank to our burgeoning executive team. His extensive experience and trusted presence within the franchise industry make him the perfect fit for our growing brand. Sip Fresh was created to bring a bold new offering to the quick service beverage category in a fun, engaging way.” To Arthofer, Fresh Sip franchisees benefit from a streamlined operational structure that was created to optimize their success.

Frank Gonzales, Sip Fresh
Frank Gonzales is the new vice president of franchise development of Sip Fresh. 

Gonzales’ Franchising Experience

Gonzales’ franchising experience includes leading growth strategy at Jamba Juice and Wetzel’s Pretzels. He also worked at U.S. Foods and Sysco, which are food service providers. During this time, he worked with franchisors and franchisees in a sales capacity and found that he really liked helping business owners find ways to be more profitable. After those two experiences, he decided to pivot his career to franchise development.

Gonzales finds franchise development interesting and exciting for many reasons, but helping others attain their dream of business ownership is the most rewarding. “For many, this is part of their lifelong dream and it’s meaningful to be a part of that journey. It’s gratifying to help a franchisee build a business that will impact so many lives by creating jobs, generational wealth and bring forth a product or service that delights customers,” Gonzales said. 

Sip Fresh was a natural progression for Gonzales’ career, and he believes that Arthofer is a successful franchisor who created an amazing brand. “Her high expectations of me and our talented leadership team paired with the right brand at the right time” makes Gonzales feel that they can do something amazing.

For entrepreneurs looking to become franchisors, Gonzales urges identifying “a great product, followed by developing a simple and streamline operation, a manageable labor model and strong financial metrics for success.”

“As the brand grows it is so important to collaborate with your key players: the operations team, your store level team and your franchisees. They are the ‘boots on the ground’ who interface with customers on a constant basis and can help you best formulate your strategies and tactics for continuous improvement,” Gonzales adds. For prospective franchisees, Gonzales advises doing due diligence before investing. 

About Sip Fresh

Sip Fresh franchise

The California-based juice franchise opened its first location in 2017. Sip Fresh is known for its handcrafted juices that are uniquely presented. The menu is broken down into several categories: Fresh Sips, Tropical Sips, Cha Cha Chamoy, Shakin’ Tea Sips, and Smoothie Sips. Customers can also enjoy fresh fruit bowls. Ideal Sip Fresh franchise owners are community-oriented and have prior experience in restaurants, food service or retail.

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