Tom Grieser Welcomed as CFO of Altitude Trampoline Park

Grieser’s Role Focuses on Analyzing the Franchisor’s Financial Performance and Consulting on Best Practices

Tom Grieser has been welcomed as the new CFO of Altitude Trampoline Park, an active, indoor family entertainment brand. In addition to consulting, Grieser will analyze Altitude’s financial performance at the local park level. His previous experience includes positions with Mongolian Concepts Restaurant Group and FASTSIGNS.  

“What I really enjoyed about my role at FASTSIGNS was that I was able to have direct contact with the franchisees, coaching and providing additional insight into ways that they could improve the performance of their locations,” Grieser said in a statement. “I’m excited to get back to mentoring in my position with the Altitude team, and look forward to providing the team with analyses that speak to both corporate and franchisee success.”

Grieser’s CFO position came about as the family entertainment brand expands and brings on new members to its leadership team, including vice president of operations Nicholas Doll. Grieser wants to make a difference while working with Altitude Trampoline Park. “Whether it’s a larger, system-wide impact or on an individual level with franchisees, I am confident that I will be able to provide guidance and support to all,” he said.

One of Grieser’s priorities is “to help make a difference and build a strong overall brand for Altitude, whether that is through helping a high-volume location improve flow-through, or helping a struggling one get on the right path. I am also excited to be able to return to having more direct contact with the franchise system.”

Tom Grieser, Altitude Trampoline Park
Tom Grieser is Altitude Trampoline Park’s new CFO. 

Grieser’s Franchising Experience 

Grieser got serious about franchising with FASTSIGNS. “I had some degree of exposure to franchising in my work with several companies, but it was not until I started with FASTSIGNS International that I jumped into the franchise industry with both feet,” Grieser said. In his role at FASTSIGNS, Grieser “provided support to the franchise owners directly through organized training sessions in business acumen and cash management, which typically were delivered to the newer franchisees.” For existing operators, he also provided ongoing mentorship and training during the brand’s annual conventions and whenever they needed it.

For entrepreneurs with the franchising bug, Grieser suggests learning as much as possible about a brand before investing. “A large part of doing your own due diligence around a franchise opportunity comes from understanding the driving forces in the industry you choose, as well as what it will take to be successful. Each business niche and accompanying market have pressure points for success. Understanding what those are and when they occur will help you forecast your business’s performance so you can be proactive rather than reactive,” Grieser said. 

He also suggests working with the franchisor. “A franchisor is actively invested in the success of its franchise system. Make sure you work with the brand’s leadership team to address any concerns or challenges you may face. There are often systems and processes in place that they can help you to implement,” Grieser said. 

The Importance of Financial Planning 

It cannot be overstated how important it is for brands to have strong financial planning, in Grieser’s view. “In my experience, if a brand does not have a solid picture or vision for where it wants to be in the future or how it defines success, it will not be able to articulate the steps needed to achieve those goals to its employees or franchisees,” he said. 

No matter how prepared a brand is, franchisors should always be equipped to handle roadblocks that will come at some point, Grieser said. “A key component of strategic financial planning is making sure you are prepared to pivot in case there are setbacks. I look forward to working together with our leadership team toward our goal of growing our footprint worldwide to more than 100 parks open or in development in the year ahead,” he said.

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