Tint World Taps Jonathan Norman as Chief Investment Officer

Jonathan Norman, Tint World

Norman will Oversee the Automotive Franchise’s Financial Health

Tint World, a window tinting and automotive accessory concept, announced Jonathan Norman as Chief Investment Officer. Norman will be responsible for overseeing the franchise’s future financial health and growth opportunities. He brings two decades of franchising and finance experience to the position. 

“This is an amazing opportunity to be part of one of the most effective franchise teams anywhere. Tint World offers a blueprint for success in this industry, and I’m proud that my skills and experience are helping the company continue to perform to the highest standards,” Norman said in a statement. 

He was attracted to Tint World because of CEO Charles J. Bonfiglio’s personality, character, and business savvy. Norman also believes that Tint World will eventually become a unicorn investment. When asked by financial lenders, investment bankers, and private equity leadership teams to describe the story of Tint World, Norman likes to use a football analogy – “The ball is on the 10-yard line, and we have 90 yards of financial runway and growth to go!” Norman has enjoyed learning from Bonfiglio and his teammates and looks forward to building the next vision and phase of the Tint World.

Jonathan Norman, Tint World
Jonathan Norman is the new Chief Investment Officer for Tint World.

Bonfiglio is excited to have Norman on board. “Jonathan has a demonstrated track record of driving growth, and his critical financial expertise supports Tint World’s strategy for ongoing success. As one of the largest and fastest-growing international automotive franchises, we’re committed to building the best team in the industry. Jonathan brings unique passion and business insights to the Tint World family, and he’s proven to be an essential part of the team as we continue to expand and deliver outstanding results.”  

Discovering the Franchise Business Model

Norman discovered franchising after a family friend mentored him and his partners to understand the model. His favorite aspect of franchising is the consistency of system process, revenue generation, and cash flow.

Planning a Franchise Investment

Norman suggests that franchisees have a plan before investing in a franchise. To do this, he adds that they should do their diligence and utilize valuable resources such as family and friends, a business network, or an accountant or attorney. He advises visiting several franchise locations and learning about the competition. In Norman’s view, building a business is an investment strategy that requires an entrepreneur to forecast risk vs. reward. Franchisors should focus their investments on market opportunity, market saturation, barrier to entry, system implementation and human capital, he said.

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