The Kids-Lift Program Empowers PSB’s Owners to Give Back

Premium Service Brands’ Kids-Lift Program Makes Giving Back Easy

This Charitable Program Provides a Playbook for Community Service

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Getting behind a cause and giving back is something every business owner would like to do, but doesn’t always have the time, resources, or know-how to pull off. Premium Service Brands (PSB) has developed a way for franchise owners to easily contribute to their communities without starting from scratch.

A Playbook for Giving Back

Through PSB’s Kids-Lift program, franchisees have a plan laid out for them. “We have created a playbook for giving back. It enables franchise owners and their employees to easily participate in charitable initiatives a couple times each year,” says PSB Chief Marketing Officer Mark Montini. “Giving back is part of our DNA as a brand. We have a passion for being a catalyst for change.”

Kids Lift Program

The program was the brainchild of PSB founder Paul Flick. His daughter Anne was born with special needs. A firm believer that everyone should lead a purpose-driven life, Flick launched Kids-Lift to give Anne purpose. She puts her heart and soul into the program along with VP of Communications Vivi Nellen, who oversees the program. “I put my hand up as fast as I could when Paul approached me about running the Kids-Lift Program,” she says. Together, PSB employees and franchise owners strengthen local communities by closing the gap between children who have access to everyday necessities and those who do not. “The program is optional for franchisees, but most are excited about being part of it,” says Nellen.

Paul and Anne Flick
Premium Service Brands CEO Paul Flick launched the Kids-Lift Program in honor of his daughter, Anne. She puts her heart and soul into the program along with VP of Communications Vivi Nellen.

Kids-Lift recognizes the fundamental importance of essentials like food, school supplies and clothing in a child’s life. By focusing on seasonal needs such as summer meals and snacks, fall facility improvements, winter coat drives and more, the program addresses the specific challenges faced by these young individuals.

By nurturing the potential of at-risk children, the program strives to empower them to overcome obstacles and unlock their true potential. “Kids don’t get to choose what family they are born into,” says Flick. “As part of our mission to bridge the achievement gap between kids from low and high socioeconomic families, we combine our creativity and our practicality to make the biggest difference.”

The Benefits of Giving Back 

Giving back is not only good for others and for business, but it makes us happier and healthier. According to the Cleveland Clinic, giving back is good for your health. Physical and mental health benefits associated with giving or serving can include lower blood pressure and reduced stress.

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