Spaulding Decon Redefines Property Restoration

How Spaulding Decon Disrupts the Restoration Industry

Crime Scene Cleanup and Hoarding Removal are Part of the Franchise’s Innovative Offerings

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Spaulding Decon’s founder Laura Spaulding boldly states that her franchise is “the most innovative property restoration brand on the planet.” And she says that’s no accident: “We have made it our mission to differentiate ourselves in the market.”

Yes, like other restoration services, Spaulding Decon technicians eliminate biohazards and remediate water damage and mold. But its 14 revenue streams also extend to tackling hoarding messes, cleaning the aftermath caused by crime scenes and decontaminating houses or businesses that were illegally used as makeshift drug labs.

The Tampa-based brand pushes boundaries further with its real estate service, which was added in 2016. “This is a very lucrative vertical where we buy our customers’ houses for cash,” Spaulding says. “This gives our clients another option. People inherit a house but don’t want to keep it because it’s not in the area where they live. Or maybe the home had a death in it, and the next of kin doesn’t want to keep a home that has bad memories. Real estate buying tends to be our most lucrative revenue stream. We teach our franchise partners how to buy and wholesale, fix and flip, and start a rental portfolio.”

Spaulding Decon
Spaulding Decon technicians eliminate biohazards and remediate water damage and mold.
Spaulding Decon franchise
Founder Laura Spaulding boldly states that her franchise is “the most innovative property restoration brand on the planet.”

Spaulding’s support for franchisees is a top priority for her now, although franchising didn’t cross her mind until the 2008 real estate crisis. “We picked up a bunch of national accounts that were struggling with finding restoration work for all the foreclosures. We developed a great system and process for handling all these work orders, and we were able to deploy it nationwide. The subcontractors started to fail at keeping up with the demand, so I thought franchising was the best way to train others in our model so they could deploy these processes.”

Franchisee Selection

After laying a sound foundation, Spaulding Decon began franchising in 2015 and looks for owners with specific attributes. For instance, when Spaulding interviews potential franchisees, she drills into their motivation. “I want to know that candidate’s ‘why.’ If their ‘why’ is stronger than their fear, they will always persevere.” Spaulding sees empathy as another prerequisite, which is one reason she aggressively recruits women. “I am focused on adding more female owners than other brands,” and her company reaps the benefits. “We find that female owners tend to have more empathy than males and do very well with our clientele. Females connect with clients more on an emotional level.”

Working with Veterans

In addition, she has learned that military veterans often soar as Spaulding Decon franchisees. “We are a perfect fit for those who like to get their hands dirty. Military people do very well in our brand because they are used to following a system.

“Sales experience also is highly desirable. Organic marketing is a must, so sales experience catapults new owners to success much quicker.” The bottom line is that “candidates with a strong sales background do well, but the primary characteristic we look for is an intense motivation to succeed,” Spaulding says. 

Today she’s on the hunt for ambitious franchisees. “This is not a passive investment. We require our owners to learn the model inside and out so they can then hire their replacement and expand the business. Unfortunately, many of our current franchise partners are owner-operators with no desire to expand their businesses. We want to change that.”

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Spaulding Decon’s Potent Formula

Spaulding Decon franchise

These factors support Spaulding Decon’s profit potential:

  • Infinite demand. “We are 100% recession-proof,” founder Laura Spaulding says. “Our services are a need, not a want.” 
  • An 18-year history of success.
  • Multichannel marketing.
  • Territories with a population of 350,000.
  • Intensive training for franchisees, who can access headquarters support 24/7/365.
  • No need for previous experience in property decontamination.
  • Home-based business model, minimizing overhead.

About Spaulding Decon

With a law enforcement background, Laura Spaulding saw firsthand the importance of decontaminating crime scenes, turning tragedies into opportunities to do good for the public. In addition to multiple revenue streams, franchise owners benefit from an affordable initial investment and ready-to-go national contracts.

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