Cartridge World Taps Grant Gooley as Chief Marketing Officer

HW - Grant Gooley, Cartridge World

Gooley Looks to Improve the Printing Services Brand Through Modern Marketing Strategies

Grant Gooley is the new chief marketing officer for Cartridge World, a provider of printing supplies, services and solutions. Gooley has 15-plus years of executive marketing leadership experience and is the founder of MyPortal Marketing and MyPortal Virtual Assistants.

“I was drawn to Cartridge World by two values that are important to me: great people and innovation. This is an opportunity to bring my passion for marketing and innovation to a new arena. This role as CMO was a perfect fit, letting me tap into my desire to revolutionize how we engage with both businesses and consumers. The position seemed like a natural next step for me, a place where I could make an impact,” Gooley said.

He looks forward to improving the Cartridge World brand through modern marketing strategies, particularly by enhancing advertising through digital content marketing and leveraging social media. For him, it’s about creating a consumer experience that’s value-driven. By transforming an old industry into a winning opportunity, Gooley believes that Cartridge World is fostering a forward-thinking community where everyone benefits from growth and advances. “This collaborative spirit and the chance to lead such a dedicated team is what energizes me the most about this role.”

Grant Gooley, Cartridge World
Grant Gooley is the new CMO for Cartridge World.

President Greg Carafello sees Gooley as an important catalyst for positive change. “Grant is already a proven leader committed to redefining both business growth and how businesses connect to their communities. This is a new chapter for Cartridge World in many facets between our franchising opportunities, our available services, and now, our marketing overhaul. We’re excited for Grant to be a part of this company’s success as we grow toward the future.”

Gooley’s attraction to marketing stems from a passion for creating impact and inspiring action. He’s always been fascinated by how brands can connect with people on a meaningful level. In 2024, Gooley anticipates franchise marketing trends will bring an increased focus on personalized consumer experiences, integration of technology and a stronger emphasis on authentic content.

For entrepreneurs looking to buy a franchise, Gooley urges them to stay attuned to the needs of their consumers, continuously innovate, and never stop learning in order to be adaptable.

About Cartridge World

For more than two decades, Cartridge World has been a leading retailer of ink and toner printer cartridges and custom B2B solutions and services. The franchise offers customers savings through its No Cost Printer Program, which provides them with a printer and all of its services with the agreement to buy Cartridge World’s toner cartridges.

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