Finding Your ‘Why’ Through Franchising

Finding your why through franchising

Unlocking Purpose for Lasting Success as a Business Owner

Several years ago, our oldest son Eric decided at the age of 38 that he wanted to go to medical school. To do so, he would first need to expand and complete an undergrad degree and then apply to medical school. With a family including four kids, we all knew it would be a daunting road both mentally, physically and financially. I have such faith and love for him that I would move mountains to help him in his quest. Helping him financially became my WHY. I pursued what I was doing with such commitment, passion, and vigor to increase my income to help him every month. During that time, I encountered many difficulties with my work, but nothing was going to stop me from my goal. There were no problems, only challenges that could be figured out.

Fast forward six years, and with the support of his amazing wife, Christa, and his siblings, our family gathered to celebrate his medical school graduation. It was a crowning achievement for our family. I was elated that I had been able to assist him in his quest. I had been very successful because of this powerful WHY.  

Passion for Work

After that time, and for several years, I struggled to have any passion or interest in my work. I found myself struggling to keep up the drive; challenges became problems, I was easily overcome with exhaustion, and I began to let myself become overwhelmed with the situation I was in. One day I came across Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” book. I read it that night and clearly remember that it was all I could think of for the next several weeks. Why this, why that? I realized I was living without a clear and focused WHY! With Eric’s great achievement, I no longer had a strong why.

Understanding and knowing your “why” is of great importance as it serves as the driving force behind your goals, actions, and decision-making processes. Your “why” gives you a sense of purpose, direction, and motivation, enabling you to stay focused and committed to achieving desired outcomes. Furthermore, having a clear “why” helps you maintain resilience in the face of obstacles and setbacks, allowing you to better navigate through challenges and ultimately reach success.

Life is not always easy to define or to have a purpose. Living without a why does not mean giving up on our dreams or aspirations. Instead, I found that it means being open to new possibilities and allowing ourselves to explore different paths.

Finding Purpose

In today’s fast-paced world, we do not often focus on having concrete answers and well-defined goals. It is essential to remember that sometimes life can be uncertain, and we need to learn how to embrace the unknown and navigate to find purpose, and our WHY. By embracing this mindset, we open ourselves up to new opportunities and personal growth.

While I struggled for a few years, it did allow me to move in a different direction and find a purpose. I now am in a role as a franchise consultant and have become passionate about cheering the entrepreneurial-minded to fulfill their dreams of financial independence through business ownership.

As I work with candidates, I must start with understanding their WHY. When starting the process of investigating different options in the franchise and business opportunity world, one must have a strong why. A why with enough significance for them to invest time and resources and work through a process to a successful business launch. As a franchise consultant, a vital role is to help keep their why at the forefront as they confront challenges throughout the process.  Why – such a simple word but with so much force in one’s life.

I am cheering you all on to success!

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Makayla Seger, a business development consultant with New Day Consulting Team, has been helping entrepreneurs explore business ownership for over 25 years. Her approach is based on a passion for helping the entrepreneurial-minded achieve their goals of not just being their own boss, and more importantly, taking control of their time for the things most important to them.
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