5 Meaningful Ways to Honor Memorial Day

5 Ways Franchise Business Owners can Honor Memorial Day 2023

Business Owners can Pay Tribute to our Heroes With Sincere Gestures

Every May, Americans commemorate Memorial Day to honor our fallen military heroes, but many businesses can cloud the true meaning of the holiday with hyped-up sales and promotions. As a business owner, you can make more of Memorial Day 2023 and give back to the community with worthwhile events and programs. Here are five meaningful ways to give a sincere tribute.

5 Ways to Honor Memorial Day 2023

1. Get Involved in a Local Memorial Day Event

Many communities honor Memorial Day with parades, fundraisers and more. To get a sense of what others are doing, look around and make a point to volunteer your services. If you run a food franchise, for example, you can cater the local Memorial Day 2023 event. Not only does getting involved get your business out there, but you become an important part of the community.

2. Highlight Veteran Employees on Social Media

Veterans and business ownership go hand-in-hand. From vending and property management to commercial cleaning and dog training, veterans make any franchise operation better due to their ability to work in a team and follow a system. The same goes for veteran employees. To show your appreciation for their work and service to the country, highlight your employees on social media. This small gesture can go a long way. 

3. Donate to a Charitable Organization

You can attract customers with a Memorial Day sale and donate a portion of the process to a charitable organization. If you run a gym franchise, for example, you can discount the membership fee, or with a restaurant, you can do a BOGO deal. Some great charities for veterans include Wounded Warrior Project, Homes for Our Troops, Hope for the Warriors, and more. You can also look locally to find veteran-related charities. 

4. Have a Veteran Guest Speaker

Veterans have great insight into both life and business. To honor Memorial Day 2023, you can invite a veteran to speak with your team, especially if you don’t have any military members on staff. The speaker can offer a different perspective and help your team focus on what Memorial Day is all about.

5. Collaborate with Other Local Businesses

Collaborating with other entrepreneurs is another excellent way to honor Memorial Day 2023. If there is a complimentary business in your area that can host an event with you, it could be beneficial for all involved. For example, if you own a vitamin store, you can do an event with a gym franchise owner to gain traction for your business while helping the community. This could involve customers buying vitamins from your business to get a discount on gym merchandise like tumblers and t-shirts. There are so many creative ways that businesses can come together for Memorial Day 2023. 

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