Franchise Ownership With Keyrenter Property Management was a Great Next Step for this Former Marine

Rodney and Family

Franchisee Rodney Fentress Enjoys The Flexibility that Comes with Business Ownership

Rodney Fentress, a Keyrenter property management franchisee in Virginia, has given his life a makeover with his second-act career in real estate. Before that, Fentress served as a policeman for 20 years and was in the Marine Corps Reserve from 1989-1995, with a call up to active duty for about a year during Desert Shield/Desert Storm in the Middle East.

“I had been all-in as a police officer in the Norfolk Police Department,” says Fentress, who earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. But he was burned out, and he describes his personal life as a mess because of a costly divorce, some alcoholism, health challenges and anger issues.

Fentress looked into various career opportunities and decided that investing in real estate was a way to quickly fix his finances. “I jumped in with both feet. I am the type of person who jumps off a cliff and learns to fly when I’m in the air.” Fentress became a real estate agent in 2013, working with two firms before starting his own Rodney Fentress Real Estate brokerage in Chesapeake, Va., four-plus years ago.

Finding Work-Life Balance

As a real estate agent, he picked up some property management experience before investing in his Keyrenter Property Management of Hampton Roads franchise in 2018. “I chose Keyrenter for the people. The founders are great people, and we have a very intentional culture that aligns well with me.” Fentress’s business has four full-time employees.

Business success for Fentress has intertwined with contentment on the personal front. “I have a lot of freedom because I choose to own a business rather than a job. The purpose of business is to fund the perfect life. Mine is not 100% perfect, but it is pretty close. I lead and facilitate so that my staff can be successful.”

When not working, Fentress spends time boating, camping and relaxing at the beach with his family: wife, Samantha; three sons, Jacob, Conner and Jordan; and stepdaughter Estella. Fentress says he strives for a blend, not a balance, in his work and non-work commitments. “I should be able to be present at my kids’ events and still play my role in my businesses. As long as I get to live my life without my businesses getting in the way, it’s a win.”

I value reliability and dependability, which are crucial in the military. Those traits work well in business.

He credits his military background with aiding his business achievements. “I value reliability and dependability, which are crucial in the military. Those traits work well in business.” He advises veterans to “take skills you developed in the military and use them in business. You’ll be surprised at how valuable and rare those skills are in the real world.”

Fentress enjoys mentoring others – sharing his life lessons, encouraging them to shed limiting beliefs and to adopt a can-do attitude. “Business ownership can be a tremendous blessing if done right. Begin with the end in mind. Decide how you want your life to feel and work backward from there. Choose a business that will allow you to live!”

Property Management: A Booming Industry

Data shows that the property management industry is growing. According to IProperty Management, the industry generates $99.5 billion annually and employs more than 911,500 workers. Additionally, the industry’s average annual growth rate has been 7.19% for the last five years and show little sign of stopping.

About Keyrenter Property Management

Keyrenter Property Management Franchise

Keyrenter Property Management is a full-service professional property management company offering investors and property owners cost-effective and stress-free management services.

The Keyrenter franchise model allows franchisees to build their own residential property management business using a comprehensive suite of proprietary systems and technology.

Keyrenter franchise owners provide the following services:

  • Tenant screening
  • Virtual property tours
  • In-person property showings
  • Tenant move-ins
  • Routine inspections and photo documentation
  • Lease agreements
  • Property maintenance
  • Eviction services
  • Accounting and monthly statements
  • Rent collection
  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Property advertising
  • Customer service and tenant relations

For more information about the Keyrenter property management franchise, visit

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