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Army Veterans Rachel and Daniel Van De Mark Found the Change They Wanted With a Dog Training Elite Franchise

Rachel Van De Mark (above, left) was ready for a change. The Houston-area Army veteran wanted to do work that made a difference in people’s lives. She wasn’t quite sure what her dream career was, but she knew she wanted more joy and satisfaction. Rachel did what we all do and turned to the internet. Something clicked for her when she found an ad about franchising with Dog Training Elite. Rachel and her husband, Daniel Van De Mark (above, right), decided DTE was just the change they wanted. 

Dog Training Elite Was a Perfect Fit

Dog Training Elite
Dog Training Elite had everything Rachel and Daniel DeMark wanted in a business including flexibility and an opportunity to foster healthy relationships between dogs and their families.

Dogs are at the center of the Van De Marks’ lives. Their dogs are like their kids, and they focus on their needs, from comfort and companionship to creating the play and training they need to be good members of the family. The Van De Marks understand that good training and discipline with a dog can build a trusting and happy environment for both dogs and their families. 

Their relationship with their dogs inspired them to own a dog training franchise. “We wanted to train beautiful creatures to live harmoniously with their human family,” says Rachel.

From Vets to Pets

The Van De Marks are Army veterans with a combined 53 years of service. Rachel worked in Intelligence and Daniel in the Army Signal Corps. Daniel found sales when they retired from the Army and settled in Houston, while Rachel worked in healthcare analytics management. 

With their decades of military experience, they are confident that they can lead their Dog Training Elite Franchise to success. “We have a vision and mission that we will bring to life every day as we interact with our human and canine clients,” says Daniel. “Now that’s a beautiful thing!” he adds with a smile.

First Steps for the Van De Marks, One Giant Leap for Houston Pups

When Franchise Owners join Dog Training Elite, the company invites them to their headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah for their Approval Day. It’s there that potential Franchise Owners get up close and PAW-sonal with real training appointments that current Dog Training Elite Franchise Owners and trainers take on. This approach worked well for the Van De Marks, and they remarked that it was refreshing to “see, touch, and feel what Dog Training Elite is truly about and their commitment to their customers and [Franchise Owners].”

Founder John Mestas’ story inspired the Van De Marks, reminding them of their own story. Mestas wanted to work with dogs his entire life, and after 40 years of experience, he decided to launch Dog Training Elite with his balanced-proven training methods. His goal for DTE was to help dogs live their best lives and provide ways to foster healthy relationships between dogs and their families. 

Rachel and Daniel Van De Mark’s relationship with their own dogs inspired them to invest in a Dog Training Elite franchise.

DTE Was an Easy Choice

Daniel and Rachel Van De Mark were looking for independence. They wanted to be their own bosses, set their hours, and create schedules that worked for them. They also wanted to make a positive impact on their community. Finding DTE and having everything they want while also working with dogs seemed like a dream come true.

“We love the model and culture of the dog training franchise and, most importantly, we love dogs,” Rachel says excitedly. DTE’s business model, which is a dog- and family-focused model, meets families in the place they need training the most: their homes. This is a massive benefit for Franchise Owners because it means there is very low overhead on the business. Daniel points out that the low overhead and the support and encouragement from DTE’s corporate headquarters made DTE an easy choice. “The franchise is incredibly organized, which made this choice a no-brainer, especially for first-time entrepreneurs.”

Joining the Dog Training Elite Family

The Van De Marks felt at home with the DTE family because they were dog lovers. The culture, which they describe as welcoming and light-hearted, brought everything together for them. “They are an amazing group of people who exude confidence and willingness to do everything they can to help the success of their [Franchise Owners],” says Daniel. Rachel adds, “they showed their love and passion for their business, which is exactly what we were hoping to see.”

Daniel and Rachel cannot wait to open their Houston locations. They are thrilled to bring to Texas pups the compassionate and professional services that DTE is known for. They believe they have the power to change and enhance their community. 

When asked if they have any advice for those who might be interested in their own DTE franchise, they suggest you “do your research and analysis to ensure this is the path to take.” Their excitement about becoming Franchise Owners with DTE is infectious.

Franchise Owners with Dog Training Elite can get started with an investment as low as $82,800. DTE offers a balanced-proven method for dog training, including obedience training, puppy classes, anxiety and aggression training, and service dog training. Investors do not need to have a background with dogs, but a passion for helping dogs and their families does help. 

About DTE

Working with DTE provides Franchise Owners with flexibility. The company has an owner/operator model to train you in their methods, or you can choose the semi-absentee model allowing you to hire a trainer/manager and maintain your current job or life commitments. You can also use the semi-absentee model to run multiple territories.

Perhaps most rewarding of all is the opportunity for Franchise Owners to give back to those who have served our country. Dog Training Elite also has its own non-profit, The Malinois Foundation, which works with communities to help provide service dogs to veterans and others with PTSD.

If you’re interested in owning a Dog Training Elite franchise, please visit

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