Couple Opens Dog Training Elite Franchise in Orlando

Dog Training Elite Franchisee

Newlyweds Parlay Love for Dogs into Dog Training Elite Franchise

Cheyenne and Chelsea Emery faced challenges when they moved in together and needed to acclimate their dogs to new surroundings and each other. Although it wasn’t canine love at first sight, the dogs and the now-newlyweds are a happy family today. That experience led the couple, who previously held nursing jobs, to new careers: owning and operating a Dog Training Elite franchise that would help other Orlando-area dog lovers settle into fulfilling human-canine relationships. Through their dog franchise, Cheyenne said she and her wife enjoy “the fact that we can help repair broken relationships between people and their dogs.”  

The couple’s journey began with researching various dog franchises. Utah-based Dog Training Elite quickly emerged as the No. 1 choice. “Other franchises were mostly shops to sell goods, grooming, or dog boarding,” Cheyenne explained. Dog Training Elite blended affordability and emotional fulfillment with the opportunity to give back to their community, a combination that’s important to Cheyenne and Chelsea. 

A Dog Training Elite franchise also offered the scheduling flexibility that the women had set as a priority. The couple’s work responsibilities still allow them to volunteer at shelters, help with animal therapy, and assist service dog training groups in their community while having quality time together as a human-canine family.

Dog Training With Trust

Observing Dog Training Elite team members as they interacted with dogs wowed Cheyenne and Chelsea, especially when a dog finally understands the training session and performs the correct routine. The process underscored the importance of properly communicating with each animal. And the women saw the team as a reflection of themselves: ordinary people who adore dogs and want to make a difference. 

Founded in 2011, Dog Training Elite helps dog owners cultivate a positive relationship with their animals based on mutual trust and understanding. Founder John Mestas has trained dogs for more than four decades. His proprietary method is taught in U.S. cities across the continental United States. Dog Training Elite offers diverse services (obedience, therapy, service and protection training), and the Emerys especially love the puppy group classes. “It feels like we have gone to heaven to be able to play with puppies and get paid for it,” Cheyenne said.

Support and Culture

Dog Training Elite headquarters, just a phone call away for Franchise Owner’s questions, helps with every phase of ownership, including marketing, operations and more. As part of Dog Training Elite Approval Day, prospective Franchise Owners have the opportunity to meet with Mestas, CEO Kelley Rosequist and other corporate leaders, something Cheyenne really appreciated. “We loved that we had the opportunity to meet the founder and the corporate team, and it made us feel much more comfortable in moving forward. We got to know every single person, and they were so easy to get along with.” 

The Emerys said they also were drawn to Dog Training Elite’s quality standards, transparency, and insistence on client satisfaction. The company also emphasizes that delivering on promises and providing great experiences for franchise owners, with a quality-over-quantity approach, is an overriding priority. Franchise Owners must embody the philosophy and spirit of the dog training franchise.

With all of this exposure to the company culture, the couple found it easy to commit to a Dog Training Elite franchise. “We felt confident that with signing, we knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into as well as knowing we would have the full support of the entire corporate team.” 

The enthusiasm that Cheyenne felt toward the dog franchise was heightened by her desire to become an entrepreneur like her dad. She saw Dog Training Elite as a route to achieving that goal. “I have seen him struggle, succeed, and create a business from the ground up and maintain it,” she said. By living his principles of honesty and fairness, he created customers for life. She and Chelsea plan to adhere to his example and do the same. 

Creating a Family Legacy

Their Dog Training Elite franchise met many of Cheyenne and Chelsea’s objectives right away, and in the distant future, it will be instrumental to another one of their goals: establishing a legacy for their future children. If their kids want to take over their dog franchise someday, the couple would be thrilled for that to happen.  

Cheyenne is absolutely convinced their franchise will be a huge success – she said the perseverance built into the couple’s personalities assures her of that. When she sets goals, Cheyenne said failure is absolutely never an option for her. She intends to apply that same tenacity when helping dogs and their owners who turn to the couple’s dog franchise for assistance. 

She knows that building a business won’t be like flipping a switch. Cheyenne expects to work hard but also to reap bountiful rewards: “Your business will become whatever you are willing to put into it.” 

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