How Does Semi-absentee Franchise Ownership Work?

Dog Training Elite franchise - semi absentee

With Dog Training Elite’s semi-absentee franchise model, investors can run a successful business while balancing other aspects of life

Even for the most intrepid of us, being a Franchise Owner can seem overwhelming. The idea of leaving the security of a full-time job to build a business could be a stressful thought. That is where semi-absentee franchise ownership can be the perfect solution. Owning a franchise on a semi-absentee basis opens up the possibility to build a future and diversify your investments while still maintaining your current path in life. It offers all the benefits of business ownership while giving you security. 

What is a semi-absentee franchise?

Semi-absentee franchises are typically structured to allow the owner to enlist a manager to run the day-to-day business from the onset, so Franchise Owners have the freedom to participate in the business between 10 to 15 hours a week. This lower time commitment means that the Franchise Owner can continue working full-time or stay on board with other obligations while still being able to oversee their business from a high level. 

There is a misconception that semi-absentee franchise ownership means you run a full-time business on a part-time basis. Because of this misconception, not every franchise opportunity offers a true semi-absentee structure. You will want to be sure you find one that will provide the support you need to create a profitable business while keeping up your current obligations or concentrating on expanding your business empire.

Franchises with a semi-absentee ownership track come in all shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Vending companies, salons, ice cream parlors, and other traditional brick-and-mortar businesses that require a location are widespread in the franchise world. If you are looking for a semi-absentee opportunity, it’s a good idea to find a turnkey business where the systems are already in place for success. 

How does a semi-absentee franchise work?

Once you have selected the franchise you want to invest in and are awarded your franchise territory, you will hire a manager who will help to build and run the business from day one. After you are up and running, the manager will oversee the day-to-day operations and interface with clients. As the Franchise Owner, you will manage the business from behind the scenes. That may be dealing with financials, marketing, and encouraging the general flow of the company. Most semi-absentee Franchise Owners say they work anywhere between 10-15 hours a week per business. 

This type of ownership works best with someone who can delegate and relinquish control of the daily operations to their chosen manager. Micromanaging the business can create problems on both sides. You must select a manager for the company who you can trust.

What are the benefits of semi-absentee franchise ownership?

There are several reasons an investor would want to have a semi-absentee franchise. You may want to take on a side business that can earn extra money or diversify your investment portfolio. Many investors are looking to run a business while keeping the security of their full-time jobs or to help support themselves while still enjoying retirement.

Another excellent reason to invest in a semi-absentee franchise is to slowly build a much larger business. You can take on multiple territories, increasing revenue and coverage while minimizing the amount of hours you take on in a week. With semi-absentee franchise ownership, you get all the benefits of ownership without the time commitment.

Semi-absentee ownership with Dog Training Elite

Dog Training Elite Franchise
Dog Training Elite (DTE) is a low-cost, easy-to-start semi-absentee franchise.

Dog Training Elite (DTE) is a great example of a semi-absentee franchise that doesn’t need a brick-and-mortar location. Because of this, start-up costs and times are low. DTE semi-absentee Franchise Owners are supported from day one and step right into an ideal business structure. The Dog Training Elite semi-absentee plan is designed to create a successful business for investors who are also balancing other aspects of life. DTE Franchise Owners impact their communities, foster their love of dogs, and have the freedom to work, spend time with family, or enjoy a productive retirement.

Dog Training Elite’s founder John Mestas wanted to help dogs and their humans live their best lives. With 40-plus years of experience, he created Dog Training Elite with a balanced-positive dog training method that helps strengthen relationships between dogs and their families. Today, Dog Training Elite offers training for all dogs, including puppy training, obedience training, anxiety and aggression behavior modification, and support and service dog training.

The dog training franchise works with a home-based model that meets dogs and families where they need training most. The in-home model means Franchise Owners don’t need a central location to work out of, keeping overhead for the business low. Low overhead also allows owners and operators to expand their “pawprint” and own multiple territories in their region. (Nearly ALL DTE Franchise Owners currently own more than one territory.)

Dog Training Elite Franchise Owners and trainers don’t need to have any experience in the pet industry. The company ensures Franchise Owners and their trainers have all the knowledge and supplies they need to get the business running. Training takes place in Salt Lake City and Franchise Owners are assigned to a designated manager who works directly with DTE’s established and professional trainers to get hands-on experience. The DTE team guides new Franchise Owners through the first two weeks of their launch and an additional week sometime in the first year. The Dog Training Elite team wants Franchise Owners to succeed and works hard to provide marketing and field support.

The Dog Training Elite franchise opportunity

For dog lovers who are service-oriented and ready to start a semi-absentee business, DTE checks all the boxes. DTE Franchise Owners love making a positive impact on their local pet communities. The dog franchise has a partnership with The Malinois Foundation, a non-profit that helps veterans, first responders, and those in need get access to therapy and service dogs.

Dog Training Elite is one of the easiest franchises to own, and with investments starting at only $82,800, it is also one of the most affordable. Most Dog Training Elite Franchise Owners are up and running in four to six weeks. For more information about semi-absentee franchise ownership with Dog Training Elite, visit www.dogtrainingelite/franchise.

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