5 Easy Steps for Motivation

The Center is lucky to have great volunteers who are professional and knowledgeable from advertising to management to leadership and many areas in between. This article is a great addition to your how to work ‘in’ it knowledge. Many clients come to us expressing frustration at the lack of work output from their employees. When we dig into the causes, many times it is not that they hired for the wrong technical skills but that they have not figured out how to motivate their employees to take ownership of their jobs. Small business owners should remember that their dream is not the dream of their employees and it may be a challenge to get employees to get and remain motivated. Motivating employees is a technical skill that you will take on as your company grows. Stan Fine is a leader in helping small businesses move through entrepreneurship smoothly. You will really like this quick read. – Darcella Craven, Executive Director, VBRC

How does management achieve motivation in the workplace in today’s society? It is a great question, because a motivational workplace is a successful one. Without motivation the end result is poor quality in the workplace.

Some issues to consider when achieving motivation in the workplace are listed below. Every workplace has different situations. Not all rules will apply for unrelated settings. The corporate office will have different factors to consider than a factory, or a construction site. They are all going to be a little different. The one thing that will remain the same is human nature, and how we react to different situations. Here are five common factors you can manage:

Different types of personalities

This is one of the biggest issues to consider. One thing that needs to be considered is that people are all different. We all have different personality traits and quirks. We are not always going to get along well every day, stuck in an office, kitchen, truck or factory together. It just isn’t possible. It is not the way we are made. What one person may think of as constructive criticism, another may find as being bossy. One person may think that they are being productive and the person next to them may think they are being lazy. It is just the way people think differently. Management’s job is to see that the job is completed, through the employee. To do this, they must be able to understand the differences in people and learn how to deal with these issues. They need to learn to be diplomatic in these situations and keep everyone running smoothly.


The key to motivation is reward for employees that mean something to them individually. So if motivation in the workplace is desired, then rewards for the employees are a must. They need to be motivated into doing a great job. Whether it is promotions, bonuses or just simple words of affirmation, they deserve that for a job well done.

Working environment

The workplace needs to be a fun and enjoyable place. A person spends 7-10 hours on the average per day at work. If it isn’t a fun, and comfortable place to be, then workplace motivation can’t be achieved.


Employees need to be able to think on their own. No one wants to be told what to do and when and how to do it every minute of the day. The employees need to know what the expectations are and be allowed to achieve them. They will take pride in their own idea and their own way of doing things. There is usually more than one way to accomplish the same thing.

Room for Error

So many times, in the workplace, management does not plan for errors. Then when they happen, no one knows what to do to correct them. It is management’s job to make a plan B just in case something goes wrong. And it does! To promote motivation in the workplace takes the manager time and patience. With these simple tips, it can be achieved and a more productive workplace can be found where people can work, socialize and laugh at the same time! It can be done.

Dr. Fine holds a PHD In Business. He held a Director of Marketing position for a $100 million division of General Dynamics for 15 years and served as a Senior Manager at Grant Thornton Accountants and Management

Consultants. Dr. Fine has published two books dedicated to helping small businesses” Business Boot Camp for Women” and How to Promote Your Business With Little or No Money” by AuthorHouse Publishing. For 40 years Fine has devoted his life to helping businesses with sales and marketing growth. More than that, Stan is a supporter of small business and a volunteer with the Veterans Business Resource Center.

You can catch him on webinars for the center on Wednesdays and he can also be reached at: ssfine6013(@)gmail.com www.stanfine.net.



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