Sincerely Yogurt Takes Frozen Yogurt to New Healthier Heights

When John Major spent two weeks vacationing in California in 2009, it led him to the discovery of a lifetime: a frozen yogurt formula that was like no other.

“I learned more about yogurt in six months that I had ever known in my life,” said Major, Founder and President of the Pittsburgh-based frozen yogurt and smoothie chain, Sincerely Yogurt. “But to meet my passion for healthy lifestyles I wanted to hold our brand to the highest standards of taste and quality.”

Following the success of its first location, Sincerely Yogurt developed proprietary all-natural Greek-style tart yogurts that featured a higher count of live and active cultures and was endorsed by the National Yogurt Association. Major also incorporated a line of healthy smoothies and added supplement boosters for even more targeted nutrition.

With that approach, Major has attracted attention from franchisees along the east coast, southern states and as far west as the Mississippi River.

“A lot of franchisees admit that our healthier approach and attention to quality is what got them interested,” Major says. “What sets us apart is everything we do is natural and healthy for our customers.”

The consumer demand and Major’s approach has led to franchisee interest that has resulted in a 50 percent growth in new stores over the past year.

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