Should you invest in a seasonal franchise?

Shine franchise

Seasonal franchises come with unique perks and challenges

Franchise owners don’t necessarily have to provide year-round services to be successful. Whether you’re looking for a part-time business, an add-on revenue stream or a business with a busy season, you can find it with a seasonal franchise.

There are lots of seasonal franchises with services that are only needed during certain seasons or holidays, including tax prep and tutoring. Some produce income all year but have a peak busy time. Other seasonal franchises, like pool and lawn care, are weather dependent, and the demand for their services varies based on location. 

With some seasonal franchises, employee retention can be a challenge, but there are lots of perks too, such as recurring revenue and an opportunity to take time off. Although their business models may be different than traditional year-round brands, seasonal franchises are worth a look. Here are several types to consider: 

Exterior home care franchises

Exterior home care is always in demand and is considered recession-proof. Deck Medic franchise owners specialize in deck repair, restoration, maintenance, staining, and power washing. These services allow for repeat business and recurring revenue streams. Similarly, Shine (above) specializes in window cleaning and offers holiday decoration services too. This multi-purpose franchise opportunity thrives in the summer months, offering window and gutter cleaning and pressure and roof washing. With both opportunities, franchise owners have a way to keep employees busy year-round with optional seasonal holiday lighting and decorating services. 

Tax preparation franchises

You may have heard of the four seasons, but there is a fifth for number crunchers: tax season. Tax preparation franchises can be year-round businesses but peak in demand during the months approaching the deadline for annual state and federal taxes. According to, the tax preparation services industry is worth $10.8 billion, with 50% of United States tax filers using the services of professional taxpayers. Franchises like ATAX and Liberty Tax find themselves providing year-round support to their clients, and even more during tax season. 

Tutoring franchises

Tutoring franchises might be busier during the school year, but some offer services in the summer, too. Tutoring franchises like Mathnasium and Kumon provide educational and tutoring services to children all year long. With constant demand, a strong consumer brand, and over 1,000 centers, Mathnasium offers after-school tutoring as well as the opportunity to practice math skills over the summer. Kumon similarly offers tutoring during the school year and offers summer programs as well.

Pool care franchises

pool scouts franchise
Pool Scouts franchise owners benefit from recurring revenue and a loyal customer base.

Owning a pool doesn’t mean relaxing all the time. Pools need lots of care and cleaning. That’s where brands like Pool Scouts come into play. Pool Scouts offers many services including cleaning, opening, and closing. Franchise owners enjoy low start-up costs, recurring revenue models and seasonal business opportunities. Pool care can be seen as a year-round business in warmer regions, and boom financially in regions preparing for the summer months. 

Pest control franchises

We all love the summertime, but what goes hand-in-hand with summer? Mosquitos. These pests have the ability to turn a fun summer night into an itchy and frustrating one. That is why the services of franchises like Mosquito Squad and Mosquito Hunters are in demand. Both franchises offer mosquito control with various sprays and mists and have been successful in helping families enjoy mosquito-free outdoor living. Franchise owners benefit from a simple, home-based business model, low cost of entry, and recurring revenue.

Lawn care franchises

Having a nice-looking lawn is important, but for homeowners in some regions, it only matters during warmer months. Lawn Doctor and Weed Man are two lawn care franchises that get the job done. With more than 600 locations across the United States, Lawn Doctor has very high customer retention rates, recurring operations, and multiple revenue streams. Weed Man has more than 250 locations across the United States and also derives financial benefits from recurring revenue. Although lawn care might indeed be limited to warmer months and regions, customers are more likely to use the same brand each time service is required.

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