What I Learned From the Military that Helped me in Franchising

Veteran-focused franchise opportunities: Saluting soldier silhouette

As a U.S. Army Veteran and a Franchise Consultant, I Reflect on Memorial Day

As a U.S. Army veteran, certified franchise consultant, and a new franchisee in the home healthcare space, I cannot say enough good things about franchising and how it has helped my fellow veterans and me. The skills I used and learned in the military have proven ideal for my career in franchising. Among them are leadership, effective communication, and professionalism. I have implemented all of these as a franchise consultant and as a franchise business owner.

Franchise ownership is a great step for retired service people because they have what it takes to excel. You can do well in franchising if you stay focused and follow the franchisor’s proven system — and that’s what veterans are programmed to do. We are mission-driven and built for success.

With Memorial Day upon us, it’s a great time to look a the franchise industry and the opportunities it creates for veterans.

Veterans and Franchising

If you ask most franchisors who their ideal candidate is, they will likely say a veteran. Veterans are often the top performers in a franchise system. Most franchisors actively recruit veterans and lure them with incentives. Discounts for veterans range from 10-25 percent off the franchise fee. Some even waive the fee completely or cut it in half. This is huge, considering some franchise fees range from $20k-$50k. It’s clear that franchisors value military veterans as a great group of leaders to recruit and invest in. They know that military veterans have the qualities to excel as franchise owners.

The International Franchise Association provides veterans with opportunities with its VetFran Program. This program educates veterans and franchisors about the benefits of veteran franchise ownership. According to VetFran’s website, veterans only make up about 7% of the U.S. population but account for 14% of the country’s franchisees. When asked in a recent VetFran poll if veterans would make a good fit for their business, 99% of franchisors said yes.

The Meaning of Memorial Day

Because of the special relationship between veterans and franchising, it’s easy to understand why Memorial Day is significant for so many people in franchising. People often confuse Memorial Day with Veteran’s Day, but they are two very different acknowledgments of military service people. By answering the following questions, the difference becomes more clear.

  • Who does Memorial Day honor? 
  • How do you remember the difference between Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a celebration of military veterans, but the mood is more somber. The occasion is reserved for U.S. Military service people who died while serving the country.

Originally called Decoration Day, The Grand Army of the Republic established the day as a time for the nation to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers with flowers. According to the National Constitution Center, Congress recognized Decoration Day as a federal holiday in 1938, but the name “Memorial Day” became more widely accepted after World War II. The federal government didn’t officially adopt that name until 1967.

For me, the easiest way to think of Memorial Day is to understand that it is a day to remember and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the country and are no longer around to receive your gratitude. Veteran’s Day is a time to shake the hand of a veteran and thank them personally. 

As we pause to honor the fallen heroes who fought hard and sacrificed their lives for our freedoms in service to this great nation, let’s remember to salute those warriors who died in combat this Memorial Day. There is no greater honor than serving your country, but there is also no bigger sacrifice. I am so thankful to be part of an industry that respects, honors, and welcomes people who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms.

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Brian Braggs is the president of The Franchise Dream, Inc., is a Certified Franchise Consultant and an International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) member. After serving in the U.S. Army, Braggs found a new career as a franchise consultant, assisting entrepreneurs in finding franchise opportunities. Braggs is also a franchisee of Right At Home, a home care franchise, which allows him to proudly offer services to the many veterans in our community. He understands the importance of providing care for these men and women who served our nation. There are a number of ways Right at Home can help veteran seniors and adults with disabilities stay in their homes and live richer lives. Someone who served in the active military, reserve or National Guard may qualify for VA health care benefits or State programs that can connect you with a variety of service providers including Right at Home.

Caregiving has been part Brian's life for as long as he can remember. It started when he was 12, when his diabetic grandmother became an amputee and needed ongoing assistance. Brian learned to help with all of her needs, from changing her dressings to light housekeeping. A few years later, when his grandfather was diagnosed with cancer, He stepped in to help, as well. Along with providing in-home care, Brian drove his grandfather to medical appointments and ran his errands. Little did Brian know back then that contributing to the welfare of others would significantly impact his professional choices. Please contact Brian at brian@peoriahomecare.com if you or your loved ones in the Peoria region need home care assistance. They would welcome the opportunity to help you.
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