Service Team of Professionals (STOP)

As an owner of a Service Team Of Professionals (STOP) franchise, your day will primarily be filled with marketing and management tasks. Operating a STOP franchise will consist of marketing your company at least half of the day.  This will take you into your community to meet business professionals, primarily from the insurance industry. To start, you will primarily market simple water and mold jobs for residential and commercial property. Other services like fire, smoke, bio and reconstruction are available to you if you choose.

As job referrals begin to come in, you will refine your skills at estimating the scope and price of jobs with customers and insurance professionals. Initially, hiring quality part-time labor and technicians will assist in you completing the work. As your franchise gains more of the market share, the responsibilities related to Administration, Production and Marketing will also increase. Some of these tasks will be filled with part-time or full-time employees, which will allow you to continue to market your company to anybody that could benefit from the services STOP offers.

From day one, STOP consultants will continue to guide, coach and train you in the skills and requirements needed to operate a successful franchise. We want to be with you every step of the way. Our on-going trainings and insistence that you call us A LOT, ensures that we are working together. Your work ethic and application to the STOP systems will ultimately dictate your success.

Address: 101 W. Kirkwood Ave. Ste. 211 Bloomington, IN 47404

Phone: 800-452-8326 Ext.1



Contact: Daren Clark

Franchise Fee $48,000

Cash Investment: $78,600-$138,500

101 W. Kirkwood Ave. Ste. 211
800-452-8326 Ext.1
Nature of Business:
restoration services
Initial Fee:
Minimum Investment:
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