REP’M Group Redefines the Science of Franchise Development

REP'M Group franchise development

How Rob Cambruzzi, Jason Ryan, and Nick Sheehan Cultivate Winning Teams and Thriving Brands

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From an outsider’s perspective, the rise of REP’M Group may seem too good to be true. Since its founding in 2019, it has become a franchise development powerhouse that has catapulted more than 20 emerging brands into incredible growth. But luck and numbers have nothing to do with the seemingly endless success of REP’M. “It’s all about our people,” says CEO and founder Rob Cambruzzi. “Our team and our clients have driven our growth — and we are incredibly selective about both.” Cambruzzi (left) and partners Jason Ryan (center) and Nick Sheehan follow specific criteria when hiring staff and bringing in new brands.

REP'M Group franchise development
Since its beginnings, REP’M’s work-hard, play-hard culture has helped attract and retain the best and brightest employees.

Each of the REP’M team’s 70-plus employees have been hand-selected. When recruiting, the leadership team looks for what they call “PLUs” or People Like Us. “We like doers — folks who have both strategic and tactical skill sets,” says Cambruzzi. And that roll-up-your-sleeves mentality has served REP’M well. Since its beginnings, REP’M’s work-hard, play-hard culture has helped attract and retain the best and brightest employees. “Growth is great, but a happy team is infectious,” says Ryan. Clear communication and a collaborative environment have been part of their winning formula. “We are a team in every way. We are constantly cheering each other’s successes and supporting each other through challenges,” says Sheehan.

REP’M Group’s Early Days

Travis McVickers holds the distinction of being REP’M’s very first employee. He runs the BUILD’M arm of the business, which he considers a very valuable and unique service for franchisors and their franchisees. “We are experts in real estate and construction. We know how to navigate the waters and avoid pitfalls,” he says. “We educate and support franchisees through every step of the process. No one else out there does what we do at the level we do it.”

Senior Vice President of Operations Rebekah Horowitz has been with REP’M since 2020. She believes part of the reason the REP’M culture works so well is that many of the employees came from personal referrals. “It’s a great testament to what we’re doing that people are recommending us to their friends, neighbors and colleagues as a great place to work. But it’s also great because we’re able to hire fantastic talent that comes highly recommended by our existing team. It’s a real win-win situation.”

We want to be known as an elite franchise group.

Nick Sheehan

High Standards in Franchise Development

REP’M’s leadership team is equally as selective in partnering with brands as they are with hiring. “We look for brands with great economics and stellar leadership,” says Sheehan. “But they also have to stand out — either as trendsetters or with an age-old appeal.” For example, REP’M partnered with market pioneer Ellie Mental Health for its innovative model and because it is the first franchise of its kind. They were drawn to The MilkShake Factory for its timelessness and amazing family history. “We will continue to partner with sophisticated brands like these,” says Sheehan. “We want to be known as an elite franchise group.”

REP]M GROUP franchise development
Rob Cambruzzi (left), Jason Ryan (center), and Nick Sheehan

REP’M Group’s Four Pillars

Just like passionate lab partners, the REP’M leadership team works together to create the perfect recipe for franchisor success. REP’Ms four pillars below were formulated to cultivate responsible and sustainable growth.

  • BRAND’M (Data-Driven Marketing) – This division creates content that helps brands stand out in the competitive franchise marketplace.
  • GROW’M (Franchise Development) – The REP’M team is committed to identifying the right candidates for each brand and selling franchises without adopting a churn-and-burn sales approach. The goal is to ensure that passionate franchisees find brands that are a great fit for them.
  • BUILD’M (Real Estate and Construction) – REP’M’s real estate and construction project management arm assists franchisors and franchisees in opening new locations. They partner with each franchisee when a franchise agreement is signed and oversee the process until the location is open.
  • SCALE’M (Franchise Operations) The SCALE’M group works with franchisors to ensure they’re operationally ready for growth in the franchise space. They help brands make the transition from corporate to franchise by providing advice, resources and assistance as they grow. They ensure a new franchisor’s operations, training programs, business models, ops manuals, and other tools are ready to help franchisees execute with success.

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