Mission and Core Values are at the Heart of Office Pride

Office Pride Franchise Owners

From the Start, Office Pride CEO Todd Hopkins Set out to Build a Franchise System United in Both Vision and Purpose

When Office Pride CEO Todd Hopkins launched the commercial cleaning brand back in 1992 and franchised it in 1996, he didn’t necessarily set out to create a diverse franchise system, but it happened naturally over time. Hopkins’ mission was to create a community of franchisees with a common set of core values — and he did just that. “From the beginning, my goal was for Office Pride to become a franchise system that could help honest and integrity-filled people achieve their dreams of business ownership, regardless of their background.” 

Office Pride CEO Todd Hopkins

“The No.1 thing that resonates with Office Pride franchisees, regardless of race or gender, is the rich faith-based culture.”

Todd Hopkins

Office Pride’s values are spelled out on the company’s website and have been the foundation for the success of the award-winning franchise system. Office Pride’s community of more than 145 franchisees across 24 states is incredibly diverse. Hopkins attributes that diversity in part to the company’s faith-based culture and values. “The No. 1 thing that resonates with Office Pride franchisees, regardless of race or gender, is the rich faith-based culture, which is based on our mission and strong core values,” he says. “Our franchise owners come from many different backgrounds and experiences, which helps foster new ideas, ways of thinking and growth.”    

Hopkins explains that Office Pride is much more than a way to make money. There’s a bigger vision that he shares with every franchise owner. “Office Pride is a diverse franchise system united in both vision and purpose: Our business is not just about commercial cleaning; it’s about positively impacting people.”

Hopkins says that Office Pride’s core values serve as decision filters. The first one is to honor God. “God is not a respecter of persons. He looks at the heart, not at outward appearances. So do we. When we are at our franchise retreats and I’m speaking to our franchise owners, I think, ‘Awesome, this must be what Heaven looks like.’”    

A Franchise System Sharing the Same Mission and Goals

Keith and Carly Dooley • Office Pride Franchisees since 2020

“As a father-and-daughter team, we love that Office Pride is a faith-based company, has a healthy business structure and allows us to serve others while pursuing our dream of being business owners.” —Carly Dooley

Damaris and Phillip Coles • Office Pride Franchisees since 2021

Office Pride Franchise Owners Damaris and Phillip Coles
“As an African American woman, I have been blessed to be a part of a group that supports my business and wants to see it succeed. We have an extremely diverse team and foster diversity and inclusion from gender to generations. We are proud of our team and genuinely care about each one as individuals.” —Damaris Coles

Richard Fuqua • Office Pride Franchisee since 2018

Office Pride Franchise Owner Richard Fuqua
“I was drawn to Office Pride mainly due to its first core value – Honor God in all that you do. I’ve been blessed to provide opportunities for employment and growth to team members with a wide variety of backgrounds, including Ph.D.s, those who are hard of hearing and former inmates.”    —Richard Fuqua

Armando Ascencion • Office Pride Franchisee since 2017

“My family moved to the U.S. when I was three years old. After high school, I worked for Office Pride while pursuing my education. I was 24 years old when I bought my franchise. We had three employees. Now we have 220 employees.” —Armando Ascencion

For more information, visit www.officepridefranchise.com

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