Marisa Rauchway Welcomed as Chair of A.Y. Strauss Franchise Group

HireWire - Franchise News - Marisa Rauchway, A.Y Strauss

Marisa Rauchway, Esq. has joined A.Y. Strauss, a boutique law firm that specializes in franchise law, bankruptcy, construction contracting, and more, as a partner and chair of the firm’s franchise group. With this role, Rauchway assists emerging franchisors, current franchisees and others in the industry. She also guides prospective franchise owners throughout their relationships with franchisors. Reviewing important documentation, such as the franchise disclosure document and the franchise agreement, as well as transfers and sales, will be part of her role. 

In a statement, Rauchway said, “I am thrilled to join a dynamic, extremely talented group of lawyers who collectively have the ideal skill set to serve the needs of the franchise and business communities.”

HireWire - Franchise News - Marisa Rauchway, A.Y Strauss
Marisa Rauchway is the new chair of A.Y. Strauss’ franchise group.

A.Y. Strauss aligns with Rauchway’s focus of putting clients first, and she looks forward to serving the needs of those clients, she said. “I knew I wanted to provide my franchise and business clients with a broader range of services that provided comprehensive business value to those in the franchise space. A.Y. Strauss was simply a perfect fit,” Rauchway said. 

“We are pleased to welcome Marisa to lead our franchise team, enhancing the capabilities we are able to provide to our clients. Marisa’s franchise experience paired with her work as a corporate attorney and litigator further adds to the level of service we provide,” said Aaron Y. Strauss, the firm’s managing partner.

Rauchway wants to continue to positively shape the future of the industry while working with A.Y. Strauss. “The firm’s focus on providing entrepreneurial-style legal services is a perfect fit for franchise clients often looking to grow their businesses,” Rauchway said. 

Rauchway and Franchising

Rauchway had an organic start to her franchising career. “I was fortunate enough to become exposed to the franchising space early in my career at my prior firms, and I just generally became extremely interested in the business model,” Rauchway said. The unique opportunities that franchising affords to a diverse set of businesses and industries also fascinate her. 

Rauchway understands the importance of a good franchise attorney for both franchisors and franchisees. “An experienced franchise attorney with deep knowledge of a client’s business can be an invaluable strategic partner,” she said.

For those looking to become a franchise attorney, she suggests learning the relevant law and the business side of franchising. “There is no substitute for speaking to franchisors and franchisees who are dealing with business and legal issues on a daily basis. You will gain invaluable industry knowledge from immersing yourself in the world of franchising as much as possible,” Rauchway said. 

Rauchway has served as co-chair of the IFA’s New York/New Jersey Chapter of the Women’s Franchise Network. She has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University, a certificate in franchise management from Georgetown University, a Doctor of Law degree from Boston University Law School, and a Certified Franchise Executive designation.

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