Happinest Brands Supports Mosquito Hunters and ecomaids

Mosquito Hunters

The Niche, Family-Friendly Home Services Franchises Focus on All-Natural Products

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Although Mosquito Hunters and ecomaids offer two very different services, they have a lot in common. The sibling franchises under the Happinest Brands umbrella are all about giving homeowners peace of mind. 

Mosquito Hunters is a mosquito control franchise with services that eliminate the threat of mosquito and tick bites and the potential diseases that come with them. Franchise owners can feel good about making homeowners’ outdoor living areas more comfortable and pest-free. ecomaids is a green cleaning franchise. Its non-toxic cleaning services leave the inside of customers’ homes spotless. The company pledges to protect its customers’ health as well as the environment with all-natural products.

History of Happinest Brands

Both ecomaids and Mosquito Hunters are strong brands on their own, but what makes them really stand out is the knowledge and experience from their older sibling: Lawn Doctor. The 53-year-old legacy brand has 650 units across the country. “Happinest was born out of a desire to have a family of home service brands that would offer customers a consistent service level using centralized systems,” says Sharon Cupach, senior director of franchise development for ecomaids. “Our philosophy is to allow our franchise partners the opportunity to diversify offerings and provide a high level of service.” Ownership with both brands offers lots of perks, including recurring revenue and an in-demand, recession-resistant model.

Even though the two brands are much newer than their older sibling, being part of Happinest Brands means that franchise owners get big-company support. “We provide our franchise partners with systems and tools that are typically only available in mature franchise systems,” Cupach says. Lead generation, a centralized marketing program and an in-house sales center are part of both franchises. 

Stephanie Ruby, Mosquito Hunter’s director of franchise development says that the company’s support allows franchisees to focus on what’s important. “We give our franchise owners the time to grow their business by focusing on a high pay-off activity: building relationships in their communities,” she says.

Mosquito Hunters: Mosquito Control Franchise

Mosquito Hunters Francise
Mosquito Hunters franchisees enjoy an in-demand lifestyle business with recurring revenue.

Mosquito Hunters is a fun, energetic brand in an emerging industry. The company’s services help  homeowners enjoy hard-earned leisure time with comfort and without anxiety, annoyance or
illness from mosquitoes. Franchise owners benefit from the business for many reasons:

  • Repeat business 
  • Low start-up costs and low overhead
  • Protected territories
  • Lightning-fast growth industry
  • Quick-starting, home-based business
  • Proven lead generation. No cold calling needed.

ecomaids: Green Cleaning Franchise

ecomaids franchise
ecomaids offers a feel-good business with products and services that are environmentally responsible and non-toxic.

ecomaids has set itself apart as a green cleaning franchise. Here are the benefits of ownership:

  • Recurring revenue: Customer retention rate is 71%.
  • Feel-good business: Products are non-toxic and safe for clients and the environment. 
  • Franchisees benefit from traditional media and cutting-edge digital advertising support.
  • Territories are exclusive and include the highest number of households that meet a target income.
  • In-house sales center allows franchisees to focus on day-to-day operations and building their businesses.
  • Franchisees enjoy normal business hours.

For more information, contact franchiseinformation@ecomaids.com or franchiseinformation@mosquitohunters.com.

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