Time Management Strategies For Franchise Business Owners

Time management tips for franchise business owners

Good Time Management Starts with Planning and Prioritizing

Even with a proven system in place, franchise business owners have a lot to think about. Managing your time — and the time of your employees — can be challenging when everything needs attention all at once. But it is a worthwhile endeavor. By taking simple steps to manage your time, you can be more effective than ever before. Good time management means you can get more done even though you are not working more hours in the day. Here is a summary of eight keys to time management

Plan Out Short-Term Goals for the Day 

When you plan out short-term goals for the day, you create finish lines that are feasible for you to reach. 

Break Larger Tasks Out into Manageable Parts 

Large tasks can be daunting, but by breaking them down into smaller parts, you can keep yourself from getting overwhelmed. Crossing one piece at a time off your list will eventually result in the whole task getting done. 

Prioritize the Most Important or Time-Sensitive Tasks and Set Time Limits 

Important and time-sensitive tasks should always be at the top of the list. You are most effective when you work on them in the morning before you start to get worn down from the day. Setting time limits for tasks can help keep you motivated and prevent you from taking too long on any one task. 

Do Not Take on More Than You Can Manage and Delegate What You Can 

Taking on more than you can manage as one human being is a big contributor to decreased productivity. Delegate what you can to others who can help you and know that it is okay to decline to take on more work if you are already committed to multiple projects. 

Eliminate Time Wasters and Avoid Interruptions 

Time wasters and interruptions can derail you and kill your productivity. Eliminate time-wasters like social media and commit to avoiding non-work-related websites while you are “on the clock.” Avoid interruptions so you can stay on task. 

Take the Time to Organize and Group Similar Tasks Together 

Organization takes time but it is always worth it. Set aside time to organize your tasks and projects so you have a clear picture of what needs to get done. Group similar tasks together to keep yourself in the same frame of mind as you knock them out. 

Remember to Take Breaks and Reward Yourself for Productivity 

Breaks may seem like a time-waster; however, research shows they are healthy and help keep you focused throughout the day. Schedule breaks in your workday, and make sure to reward yourself in some way when you complete a task to give you the motivation to keep going. 

Plan for Tomorrow and End the Day Ready to Begin Again 

At the end of the day, create a plan for the next day while tasks are still fresh on your mind. When you come into work tomorrow, you will already know what you need to do and can get started right away. 

When you are an active and effective manager of your time, you stop racing against the clock to get things done. Instead, you start making your time work for you. Time management is not difficult in and of itself; however, it does take commitment.

You may not always be successful at managing your time well; however, it is important that you learn what time management strategies work best for you and your team. Make the effort to use them every day. When you are dedicated to effective time management, your work-life transforms.

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Nancy Friedman is Founder and Chairman of the The Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training. A former franchisor, she is expert on customer service and is a frequent keynote speaker talking about customer services best practices. Her real-world, hands-on tips, ideas, skills, and techniques help both franchisors and franchisees take their businesses to the next level.
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