MADabolic Franchise Enjoys Growth From Within

MADabolic Franchise Opportunity

Happy MADabolic Members and Franchise Owners are Buying Up More Locations of the Boutique Fitness Franchise

Sustainable growth has been MADabolic’s goal and philosophy since the strength-based niche fitness gym started offering franchise opportunities in 2013. Over the years, the boutique fitness franchise grew slowly and methodically. MADabolic has set itself apart as a franchise opportunity and as a leader in boutique fitness. Not only has the MADabolic franchise opportunity been attracting outside investors, but it also has been growing with investments from within. MADabolic members and existing franchise owners are buying up locations.

With stronger systems and a passionate team of experts in place, MADabolic granted 20 franchises in 2021 and added another 15 in the first week of 2022 alone. “In total, we have nearly 70 studios operating or in development today, with more growth on the horizon,” says Al Mendoza, executive vice president of ZGrowth partners, the franchise sales organization that supports MADabolic. 

MADabolic’s Core Values

MADabolic Franchise Growth

Mendoza says MADabolic’s success comes from maintaining the underlying values it was founded on over a decade ago. “We provide a world-class training program and an unparalleled franchise opportunity.” He says the brand is a winner because of the systems and team behind it. “Our experienced teams work with new franchise partners on everything from site selection to grand opening and beyond.” Even after opening, MADabolic maintains regular touch points to strengthen the implementation of various systems within an owner’s studio.

A robust learning management system helps on-board staff members and support their development at all levels of operations, from front desk to general manager and sales training. “This creates a valuable network where teams can communicate and share resources across markets,” Mendoza says.

The platform ensures consistent on-boarding and ongoing education that scales across the network. This pairs well with the brand’s heavy emphasis on training proper technique. Trainers provide one-on-one coaching in a group setting, addressing movement mechanics with individual clients. These factors drive MADabolic’s high retention rates (over 70% of members system-wide are on a monthly unlimited contract and most keep their membership, for at least two to three years). 

Growth from Within

With happy members and franchise owners, it’s no surprise that MADabolic is enjoying growth from within. “A fair segment of MADabolic’s growth has come from within our existing network, as members choose to become franchise owners, and successful franchise owners choose to expand in their market,” says Mendoza. “2022 will be MADabolic’s best year to date. We expect a steady stream of new openings, portfolio expansions and new agreements in markets across the country.”

For more information about the MADabolic franchise opportunity, visit or contact Al Mendoza at, (760) 855-7525.

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