Josh Weis Named CEO of Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services 

Weis Will Oversee the Commercial Cleaning Franchisor’s Daily Operations

Josh Weis has been named CEO of Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, a faith-based franchise brand. Weis will be responsible for the daily operations and will work alongside founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Todd Hopkins. Weis will take on some of Hopkins’ former responsibilities, allowing Hopkins to focus on other strategic objectives for the growing franchise system.  

Josh Weis, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning
Josh Weis is the new CEO of Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services. 

“Office Pride is experiencing a lot of natural and organic growth. I am honored to accept this new role, and from a strategic and tactical perspective, help the team continue that upward trajectory,” Weis said in a statement. 

Weis loves “growing healthy companies with a good culture and people. Office Pride certainly fits that description.” The commercial cleaning brand’s faith-based culture is also important to him, Weis said. 

Regarding Weis’ new position, Hopkins said, “We are thrilled to welcome Josh to our team. With Josh in this new role, I can fully focus on our corporate vision as we grow. These are exciting times for Office Pride.”

Faith-Based Values

Weis and Hopkins have similar values and have known each other for years. “I have a ton of respect for Todd Hopkins. He and I connected through Christian Business Men’s Connection about six years ago, and I aligned very well with his leadership style and approach to business. He has written some of my favorite books, and we had a good number of overlapping connections with people we admired,” Weis said.

As CEO, Weis will incorporate Biblical principles into his work. “I see business as a platform for ministry. It is really that simple. When you consider the impact we can have after factoring in the number of employees, customers, partners, and vendors we meet, the opportunity for impact is beyond comprehension. Our core values start with honoring God, and we will live that out in everything we do,” Weis said. 

The foundation of Office Pride aligns with who he is and where he wants to be, Weis said. 

Weis’ Background

Weis has almost two decades of experience in operations and acquisitions. He was recently the executive vice president of Ministry Brands, a technology company for churches and ministries. Working with Office Pride has been his introduction into the franchise industry. 

“I have always been a fan and believer in the franchise model. When I was a college baseball player, I always envisioned owning a smoothie franchise and spent hours researching the benefits. My background is growing and scaling companies in a healthy and sustainable way, so that will be my primary focus,” he said. 

With Office Pride’s proven systems, Weis believes that franchisees can establish a “solid foundation for the future” for themselves and their families. With that in mind, Weis will always put franchisees first. “My favorite part of the industry is the belief that we are setting up entrepreneurs for success within a proven business model. In our case, the model has been tested and refined for more than 30 years,” Weis said. 

Weis enjoys the outdoors with his wife, Jennifer, and their two children. 

The Future of Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services

Office Pride recently announced a partnership with Trivest Partners, a Florida-based private equity firm. This partnership aims to grow Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services to $300 million in sales and 300 franchise units. 

In a statement, Trivest Partner Jorge Gross said, “The addition of Josh as CEO is the natural progression of Office Pride’s strategic growth plan. There is enormous growth potential. Office Pride’s future is bright.”

Weis believes that Office Pride will continue to impact the future of the franchise industry positively, and the commercial cleaning franchisor’s partnership with Trivest Parents is a big part of that. “We are all about growth, positive impact and providing service excellence. I am new to the industry, but get the sense that it is led by some amazing people. My hope is that we can add to that mix and raise the bar wherever there are opportunities. Given our new-found capabilities with a top tier partner in Trivest, there truly are no limits,” Weis said.

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