iCRYO Franchises Deliver Cutting-Edge Health and Wellness Services

iCRYO franchise

The Wellness Franchise Leverages a Billion-Dollar Industry with Body Sculpting, Cryotherapy Treatments, IV Infusions and More

iCRYO, an established but growing recovery and wellness franchise, provides a range of state-of-the-art services. Guests visit for aesthetic and health services that include Body Sculpting, iV infusions, Cryotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Compression Therapy, and iM Shots. For entrepreneurs seeking opportunities within a fast-growing market, iCRYO might be just the thing.

iCRYO franchise

Even during the pandemic, U.S. spending on health and wellness stayed robust, and there’s no reason to think that will change. In 2022, McKinsey.com estimated that Americans spent more than $450 billion on wellness products and services, with the industry’s growth rate topping 5% per year. McKinsey has estimated the value of the global wellness market at more than $1.5 trillion, with annual growth of 5 to 10%. 

“iCRYO is a great investment for franchisees due to the massive growth that we’ve seen since 2020,” says iCRYO co-founder Kyle Jones. “After the pandemic, the mentality of our country shifted from sick care to proactive health care. Our industry is pioneering health and wellness before someone gets sick, preventing illness and ailments with science-backed treatments. It is the beginning of a huge wave in the country, one that investing early proves to be extremely beneficial. iCRYO’s mission is to elevate the lifestyle of all team members and guests while setting a very high standard of safety and effectiveness within the health and wellness market.”

About the iCRYO Franchise

The brand has 37 locations open and 200-plus in development. “Over 75 units were awarded this year,” Jones says. “We project awarding another 50 to 100 units per year for the foreseeable future.”

The franchise is interested in expanding both domestically and internationally. “iCRYO is just beginning our venture into international locations, with the recent signing of a Master Franchise Agreement for the entire country of Canada including the development of 50 locations,” Jones says. 

“Two new countries are being currently explored. Looking to the future, we plan to expand to six to 10 new countries over the next five to 10 years. As we look for franchisees eager to expand with us, many of our franchisees are multi-unit owners because of the clear return on investment and the impact that they see on their communities.”

iCRYO’s cutting edge wellness services include body sculpting, IV infusions (above), cryotherapy, infrared sauna (below), compression therapy, and vitamin boosters.
iCRYO franchise

Owner-Operator Franchise Model

Jones says the perfect iCRYO franchisee is “someone who is passionate about the health and wellness industry. We look for dedicated individuals who are looking to invest in the cutting-edge treatments and members we serve, not just the business. Our franchisees must be owner-operators, with a strong financial backing, and have a passion to evolve. In our industry, it is essential to be able to quickly adapt and pivot, with new technologies and research coming out every day.” Franchisees will be able to launch their turnkey businesses about a year after signing, Jones says. 

Each iCRYO location is about 3,000 square feet and ideally has a site with easy accessibility and high visibility. In the best of all worlds, a franchisee’s neighboring tenants also are involved with health and wellness, Jones says. Staffing is “on average 10 employees, split between licensed nurses and sales associates and overseen by a center manager.”

Franchisor Support for the iCRYO Team

He says iCRYO “provides a team-driven performance program from the moment a franchisee decides to sign on. Our franchise program offers strong marketing support with thorough preopening, post-opening and ongoing advertising support. In addition, we are proactive with establishing a franchisee’s business within their area through social media, public relations and community engagement.” 

Training and ongoing support cover all the bases, he adds. “It includes classroom-style services and franchise training, operations and management training, pre-opening training at the franchisee’s location and ongoing world-class support. Our construction management team will oversee each project from start to finish. We provide ongoing equipment and service training to all of our center locations and have multiple systems in place that ensure safety for our guests and employees. We also have strong relationships with the industry’s top equipment providers to ensure the best quality.”

The iCRYO Franchise Family

The camaraderie among franchisees is a major plus, too, Jones points out. “iCRYO hosts a weekly huddle for franchisee education as well as two major events every year: CAMP, which is a weekend roundtable for franchisees that includes networking, problem-solving and discussing best practices, and the ELEVATE conference,” a fun event that includes team-building, educational opportunities and recognition of top-performing franchisees. 

Houston-based iCRYO was founded in 2015 and has been franchising since 2017. It has many U.S. territories available to qualified candidates. For more information about franchise opportunities with the iCRYO franchise, visit www.icryo.com

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