Scooter’s Coffee Taps Tim Arpin as Chief Sales Officer

HW - Tim Arpin, Scooter's Coffee

Arpin’s Return to the Coffee Franchise is Driven by his Excitement for Franchisee Success and the High-Margin Beverage Industry

Tim Arpin has been announced as chief sales officer for Scooter’s Coffee. The new position was created to prioritize the coffee brand’s growth and ensure that franchisees have predictable access to capital.

He has been in franchising his entire career and believes that Scooter’s Coffee has the best model in the QSR space based on its year-over-year growth rate and profitability. “It is an organization of high integrity, with people who truly and deeply care about their franchisee partners. We lead with and live the organization’s core values, which are integrity, love, humility and courage.”

Leaving Scooter’s Coffee as vice president of franchise recruitment in 2021 and returning in 2023 allowed him to become a more effective leader. When offered the opportunity to reuite with the coffee franchise, he couldn’t say no. The brand’s growth potential and working with franchise owners excite him. “Everyone genuinely cares about the work they do and the impact it has on our franchisee partners, and it is a fun environment to be a part of.”

Tim Arpin, Scooter's Coffee
Tim Arpin is the new chief sales officer for Scooter’s Coffee. 

Over the course of his career, Arpin has held leadership roles with Self-Esteem Brands, Anytime Fitness, Restaurant Brands International and ServiceMaster Brands. He believes that the decision to become a franchisee boils down to three things: the numbers, personal interest in the product, and trust in the franchisor and corporate leadership. 

The Beverage Industry

Arpin is attracted to the ever-changing restaurant industry because the model works, has predictability and is easy to replicate. “Restaurants have great opportunities, but the beverage industry is even greater because it is a higher-margin business. This market in particular is growing within the U.S. with an expected annual growth rate of up to 15%,” he said, adding that the coffee franchise couples these two industries to great effect.

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