Accelerated Waste Solutions Adds Brenda Hummel as Marketing Manager

HW - Brenda Hummel, AWS

AWS’ Unique Focus on Responsible Waste Management Aligns with Hummel’s Vision for Innovative Marketing

Accelerated Waste Solutions (AWS), a Florida-based waste removal and recycling services franchise, announced Brenda Hummel as marketing manager. With this role, she will be in charge of corporate budget, branding, customer purchasing experience and advertising. She brings more than 15 years of marketing experience to the position.

AWS stood out to Hummel because of its unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible waste management, which resonates with her personal values. “The opportunity to spearhead a company that places such a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility was immensely appealing,” she said. Additionally, AWS owns the only patent in the U.S. for its junk removal app, Hummel noted.

She looks forward to driving AWS’s mission of sustainable waste solutions forward, adding that the junk removal industry is at a pivotal juncture due to the growing awareness of environmental issues. Being at the forefront of developing innovative waste management solutions and fostering partnerships to help the planet thrills her. 

Brenda Hummel, AWS 
Brenda Hummel is the new marketing manager for AWS. 

Chief executive officer Fred Tomlin released a statement regarding Hummel’s role. “Brenda has a proven track record of designing impactful marketing campaigns that deliver real results. Her experience and leadership will be invaluable as we continue to expand into new markets and reach new customers. We are thrilled to have her on board.” The AWS leadership team has also expanded to include director of franchise development Ryan Kalinowski.  

A Love for Franchising

Hummel loves franchising’s unique blend of entrepreneurship with a proven business model. She believes franchising is the ideal platform for entrepreneurs to realize their dreams with a support system that minimizes risk. Her favorite aspect of the business model is the collaborative spirit it fosters and the constant exchange of ideas and best practices among franchisees. 

Prior to joining AWS, the Florida resident was marketing coordinator for The Facilities Group, a portfolio of commercial facilities maintenance companies. She has also held marketing roles for other organizations. The marketing pro holds both an MBA and an MS in Marketing from the University of Tampa. 

The Power of Marketing

Hummel considers marketing the art of storytelling with a purpose. She believes it’s an effective avenue through which businesses can communicate their values, products, and services. She was originally drawn to marketing because it offers a dynamic platform to connect with people, evoke emotions, and drive change while crafting compelling narratives and engaging audiences in meaningful ways.

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