HomeFront Brands: Championing Responsible Franchising

HomeFront Brands Thrives on Responsible Franchising

Meet the Team Behind the Franchisee-Focused Home Services Umbrella

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At HomeFront Brands, franchisees come first. Everything from support to technology to learning and development is geared to franchisee success. “We recognize the importance of the relationship we have with our franchisees. We strive to consult, collaborate and walk side by side with our franchisees to develop mutual success,” says Zack Dudan, chief growth officer. The HomeFront Brands family of companies was founded in February 2022 as a platform company of property service franchisors. HomeFront Brands has since acquired six franchise concepts: Window Hero, The Designery, Temporary Wall Systems, Top Rail Fence, Mozzie Dome and BiltRite.

After spending a few years in fitness, health and wellness, QSR, and servicing businesses, CEO Jeff Dudan realized that the market potential and durability in property service franchising trumped other sectors, and that the vision was worthy enough to spend the next 10 years building a 100-year company.

Established Franchise Leadership

Jeff Dudan, along with a dynamic leadership team with a range of highly competent skill sets and pertinent experiences, launched HomeFront Brands upon the successful acquisition of the six companies — some as existing franchisors and others with a multi-location, corporate-owned footprint. “Our aspiration is to forge North America’s foremost responsible franchise platform, seamlessly uniting enterprise-level business systems with unwavering family values as our guiding principles,” says Zack.

HomeFront Brands
HomeFront Brands team members and franchise candidates.

HomeFront Brands has awarded nearly 300 locations since inception and expects to continue developing the platform by adding brands. “We want to provide entrepreneurs durable franchise opportunities that inspire them to build a portfolio of business assets that impact their families, employees and community,” Zack says.

We will always do right by franchisees, deploying enterprise level solutions to their local businesses, guiding the relationship by family values.

HomeFront Brands’ Family Values

Guided by family values, the HomeFront team chooses language and communication to set the standard for how to govern franchise support relations. At the HomeFront Brands home office, each interview starts with and each conversation is centered with C.A.R.E.S (Community, Accountability, Respect, Excellence, and Service). 

“Each value is demonstrated in franchisee communications, and how HomeFront Brands governs relationships. During meet-the-team days with franchise candidates, we ask all candidates to share which value resonates the most with them and why, to ensure that they understand what each means to us going forward,” Zack says. “We will always do right by franchisees, deploying enterprise-level solutions to their local businesses, guiding the relationship by family values.”

HomeFront Brands
The HomeFront leadership team from left to right: Mike Dudan, CFO; Michael O’Driscoll, COO; Zack Dudan, CGO; Carrie Beeman, CMO; and Jeff Dudan, CEO. Not Pictured: John Haraldson, CLO.

Zack says that franchise consultants should, “without a doubt,” understand that when they send a candidate to HomeFront Brands, their candidate will get a world-class education on what the franchise opportunity can offer them. “If we decide to award the franchise, the candidate becomes part of a home. We will not treat them as a distant partner. If franchisees are happy and profitable, validation will remain high and we will continue to flourish.”

What Sets HomeFront Brands Apart?

  • Long-term vision: With a 10-year plan for a 100-year legacy, HomeFront Brands prioritizes sustained growth.
  • Continuous improvement: The company’s commitment to franchisee success ensures no effort is spared in helping franchisees thrive.
  • Top talent: With over 200 years of combined franchise experience, HomeFront Brands is dedicated to hiring the best support staff for franchisees.
  • Responsible franchising: The company provides enterprise-level resources to franchisees prior to joining, ensuring their success.
  • Territory design: HomeFront Brands believes in responsible territory design for franchisee success, moving beyond population size as a sole metric.
  • Franchisee feedback: Regular NPS surveys help HomeFront Brands listen to and address franchisee concerns.

For more information about HomeFront Brands, visit https://homefrontbrands.com.

Addressing Franchisee Concerns

HomeFront Brands is constantly aware of its franchisee’s concerns and issues and works to address them. According to the International Franchise Association’s 2023 Franchisee Survey, 86% of franchisees reported feeling the effects of increasing costs, and labor remains a significant challenge. As a family business, HomeFront works with a franchisee-centric approach.

HomeFront Brands

HomeFront Brands offers community-based opportunities that inspire and support franchisees to make an immediate and lasting impact. The umbrella company’s home services portfolio includes Window Hero, The Designery, Temporary Wall Systems, Top Rail Fence, Mozzie Dome and BiltRite.  

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