Simple Simon’s Pizza Goes Paperless

With over 200 franchises across nine Midwest states, Simple Simon’s Pizza is Simply the best place to be, as its ads and its millions of customers all seem to agree. If you worked in the company’s Tulsa OK, headquarters, there was nothing simple about Simon’s.

Back office operations were buried under paperwork filed by individual franchise operators. In those piles of paperwork was vital information that management needed to measure each Simple Simon’s Pizza location’s success. Sifting through it all was proving too difficult, so VP of finance, Ashley Jones, authorized the purchase and installation of an enterprise content management system from Laserfiche and Simple Simon Pizza entered the world of digital and automation.

Simplified and More Efficient Documentation for Simple Simon’s Pizza

By scanning all the incoming and archived documentation into the Laserfiche ECM system, Simple Simon’s back office staff can now instantly access any and all records related any one store’s operations, according to Jones. With all the data now in a central location it was easy to show the Simple Simon’s Pizza sales team how easy it is to work with Laserfiche.

“We can look at historical data now and compare previous year’s sales to help improve each location,” Jones says.

The Laserfiche deployment is still in its infancy, Jones says, and there are many other features to explore, like automating business process management with the Simple Simon’s Pizza system’s Workflow software. But it is clear that for the foreseeable future, Simple Simon’s will continue be a great place to be and work.

Why become a Simple Simon’s Pizza Franchisee?

Become a Small Business Owner

A Simple Simon’s Pizza franchise comes with the resources, experience and support that you will need to boost your business. Get the help you will need to make your small business venture a complete success.

Provide a Quality Product

Simple Simon’s Pizza is a provider of affordable and high-quality products which enable us to enjoy a unique and valued standing to our customers.

Take Advantage of Good Reputation

Simple Simon’s Pizza is associated with quality products, excellent services and cleanliness. By becoming a franchisee, you are able to take advantage of a profitable brand that has an excellent reputation in the industry.

Get Higher ROI

Simple Simon’s Pizza targets small niche markets making it possible to reach a community at a low price and operate with minimal overhead costs, giving you better chances of acquiring higher ROI.

About Simple Simon’s Pizza

It was in 1983 when the first Simple Simon’s Pizza branch opened in Tulsa and through the years, it gained greater popularity with its Supreme Pizza, plus the affordable eat-all-you can lunch and dinner buffets that it offers.

Along with the growth of the franchise, new products and concepts emerged to make way for the original Calizone, the Stromboli, and a range of specialty Simple Simon’s Pizzas. From its humble beginnings, the franchise is now among the largest pizza franchises across America while still adhering to the company’s mission:

    • Provide quality products to customers

    • Commit to quality, service and cleanliness

    • Exceed customer expectations…every time, every way!

Want to learn more about Simple Simon’s Pizza? Visit their website for more information

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