HomeFront Brands Adds Nancy Baio

HW - Nancy Baio, The Designery

The Home Remodeling Franchise Focuses on Kitchens, Baths and Closets

HomeFront Brands, a portfolio of home service franchises, appointed Nancy Baio director of franchise development for The Designery. The home remodeling brand provides high-quality solutions for outdated kitchens, baths and closets.

Baio will be responsible for overseeing the brand’s growth. In addition to The Designery, franchises under the HomeFront Brands umbrella include Window Hero, Temporary Wall Systems, BiltRite Home Inspections, Top Rail Fence, and Mozzie Dome. 

“I am excited for the opportunity to bring an emerging brand across the country under the developed umbrella of Homefront Brand. We look forward to bringing The Designery to all markets across North America,” Baio said. As an individual who enjoys home design, Baio couldn’t pass up the opportunity to promote a brand that is bringing innovation to the kitchen, bath, and closet solutions industry. She wanted to find a company that was well-respected, had a positive culture, and was somewhere that she could call home. HomeFront Brands checked all of those boxes and more for her.

Nancy Baio, The Designery
Nancy Baio is the new director of franchise development for The Designery.

A Career in Sales and Franchising

Baio has held leadership positions with BODYBAR Pilates, Premium Service Brands, and HorsePower Brands. Additionally, she has owned and operated a non-franchised mobile pet grooming business as a side hustle. She struggled without the franchise solutions to leverage, and the learning curve cost her time and money. She knows that the path to scalability and profitability would have been shorter if she invested in a franchise. After learning first-hand the value of a franchise system, Baio aspires to provide candidates the insights they need as they enter business ownership. “It was everything about sales that I loved; connecting with people, providing a solution that improved their lives and making lifelong friends in the process. It was a win-win!” Prior to franchising, Baio had a 25-year career in medical sales.

To Baio, process is everything in business. As a franchise development director, she provides candidates with the information about the franchise to ensure that they make an informed decision. Since she often works with families, she does not take this position lightly.

About The Designery

Founded in 2007, The Designery offers a unique interactive design service. The home remodeling brand stands out by allowing customers to work on kitchen, bathroom or closet designs with a designer at an affordable price. 

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