Franchising’s Power Players: Carey Gille

Franchising's Power Players: Carey Gille

Franchise FastLane’s CEO and Co-Founder Discusses Her Love of Franchising

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Carey Gille has worn more hats in business and has done more in her career than most people could ever dream of. She has launched, built and sold four companies, held executive-level roles in corporate America, owned and operated franchises and now leads the largest franchise sales organization (FSO) in the business as CEO. Gille co-founded Franchise FastLane in 2017 and has grown it into an award-winning FSO with more than 60 employees, representing over 25 brands, with over 5,000 territories awarded nationwide.

Gille has enjoyed the great challenges and rewards she experienced building start-up companies. “You have control, a voice, influence, a perspective for what could be. The impact can be immeasurable.” In corporate America, she appreciated the perks, but recognized the limitations. “You don’t own your time or drive your own passion,” she says.

When Gille discovered franchising, she knew it was for her. She loves that franchising offers the excitement of a start-up environment with the higher degree of predictability of corporate America. “It’s the best of both! Franchising represents an opportunity to be a business owner, impact a community, own your time, drive your vision and be your own boss, but you aren’t on your own,” she says. “Franchising is not easy. You need grit, but it presents an opportunity to experience the best of both extremes.”

Gille soaks in wisdom from her favorite books and entrepreneurs and applies it to business. The best-selling book, Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller, impacted how she thought about and learned to speak to her clients. Miller’s famous quote, “Be the guide, not the hero,” resonated with Gille. She says companies miss this often and pay immensely. Gille gifts Miller’s book to every new FastLaner (a term she affectionately uses for her team).

Knowing Her ‘Why

On a personal level, Gille and her husband, Chris, are also franchisees with two of FastLane’s current brands, Everline Coatings and Shrunk 3D. Gille’s motivation to succeed in business is showing her three sons (who range in age from 10 to 21) that they can truly have it all. “They are my ‘why,’” she says. She wants her children to do what they love and find the same fulfillment in their careers as she has in hers. “My personal, compelling driver is life change and exemplifying a career I love to my kids.”

Carey Gille

Carey Gille: A Power Player in Franchising

Below, Gille shares what drives her in life and in franchising.

What is Your Mantra or Motto?

I was still in school when I came across the simple, direct quote by Henry Ford that is taped to the mirror in my home gym and also on my monitor at work. “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

What is Your Greatest Career Accomplishment?

The most exciting part of growing Franchise FastLane to become the No. 1 franchise sales organization has not been the accolades and recognition, but the positive change we have driven for FastLaners, franchisees, founders and communities nationwide.

What Qualities Do You Seek in Your Team?

We have five core values at Franchise FastLane that embody who we are, our culture, what we look for and what we continually strive to embody. They are:

  • Be gritty. Be hungry. Bring it.
  • Have each other’s back.
  • Drive fast results.
  • No surprises.
  • Inspire life change.
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