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When it comes to franchising, it’s always assumed to be an expensive endeavour. However, the world of business has grown to include so many more options. While, the internet has opened the doors to communication and allowed a larger global market, it’s also introduced more ideas and opportunities to consider.

One of the biggest upfront costs for a franchise is location fees – so what if there was no building at all? It’s hard to imagine a company without a tangible place for consumers, but it’s a very common franchise choice and there are different options within your price range.

Mobile Franchise

Consumers are more interested in saving time than money and will pay for the convenience of a service. This growing demand has created different types of businesses including the Mobile Franchise.

While people sit in the comfort of their own home, they can order in different services without having to leave the house. This was once secluded to pizza and take out, but it has gone above and beyond such minute services nowadays.

Computer Services

Even though in 2015 86.8% households in the U.S. have at least one computer, people still need support when they get a virus or their computer is not functioning. People used to bring their equipment into the store to be repaired; they now have a service come directly to them.

A franchisor has no reason to have a location, but a few cars to service their clients. If the computer repair is connected to a big name business as a separate franchise, it may come with a good list of clients and credibility.

Cleaning Services

The downfall to this mobile franchise is the competition. Most companies have a cleaning contract that they are satisfied with, and are no longer in need for a new company. However, this is another mobile business that may or may not have a great list of clients. Research the franchises to see if they have good solid clientele. A lot of cleaning services are needed in the off hours; it would be advised to look at the expectations of a franchisee. They can usually remain at the helm in their own home, while employees run the cleaning services. Is the cleaning service for individual, businesses or both? Which one would produce profit? Look at each franchises past numbers to help make a decision about what best suits your personal needs.

Home improvement and repair

This type of business ranges from easy repairs to detailed trades. Some franchises offer on site services: washer or fridge repairs, easy household fixes, painting or gardening. On the other hand, there is a need for plumbing and electricians for house owners on a regular basis. A background in a trade is not necessary but could be helpful or speak to a passion. This type of mobile business has to come on site on scene to get the job done.


This type of franchise is another company that has to be mobile. The controversy with this type of investment is that it’s seasonal, which isn’t a problem for some territories with one season. A heavy client list can guarantee a great success rate and profit, but more work than expected. Some landscaping companies cannot function as a mobile franchise, because of the product they have to deliver. Confirm the state of the company before investing and look for a process and operations system that best suits your life and needs.

Home Based Businesses

Another low price range franchise is home based businesses. While mobile services allow customers to remain in the comfort of their homes, a home business can give franchisees the same such luxury. Both mobile and home based can easily intertwine and be the same, but neither have the up front cost of a building and location.

A lot of families look into such convenient businesses to keep a work-life balance. Once the franchise is off the ground and running, there is a lot of free time for franchisees.

Party Planning Business

A franchisee interested in event planning can easily run such a business from home. Party planning franchises has become a whole other form of business. What used to be a simple game of freeze dance and pinatas has turned into a booming business. Some franchises have different theme packages it can offer, or it can offer different services: jumping castles, face painting, balloon animals or even videogames on site. It’s a fun anmd easy franchise to be a part of. Some home businesses might require a lot more hands on work from the franchisee, so ensure that you are aware of the expectations.


More parents are turning to tutors to help their kids with some subjects or school in general. A well branded franchise offers services with a reputation that parents can trust. This type of franchise has a lower start up fee and franchisees can easily work from home. There aren’t any products to provide or purchase, if so it’s very low end and the business will not take away your family time or space up in your home.

Tool and Hardware sales

The internet has made being a franchisee a lot easier, and some companies are mainly operated online. However, this opens the door to many competing personal businesses and social media has also created small competitions with franchises as well. Tool and Hardware sales is an easy home based service with a great start up cost. Online sales generate more profit and franchises can run their business from behind a laptop. In some cases, this could be a one person show and create more work that one intended. Research well into the franchise to figure out the responsibilities and if there are employees or room for hiring.

Look around your own space and ensure you have some room to work within the confines of your home. Even though a home based business or mobile franchise may seem ideal, sometimes it can infringe on your personal life because it’s within your space. Determine whether or not you need an office to get the work done and what work exactly is needed. Some franchises can be run from a phone, any time from anywhere.

Mobile businesses and home based business both offer the same great perks: low fees and work-life balance. It’s a franchisee’s dream. Nowadays a successful business can come from a lot of different venues and anyone can make it their own. The business of convenience has opened the doors to different types of success, as well as accessibility to more franchisees with a lower price range.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After receiving an English Degree, followed by a Journalism Diploma, Gina Gill became a freelance journalist in 2008. She has worked as a reporter and in communications, focusing on social media. She currently works as a community information officer with Epilepsy Society, while pursuing her writing career at the same time.

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