Extraordinary Brands, pūrvelo Launch Nonprofit Affiliate to Support New Moms

Extraordinary Brands nonprofit Lifted

Lifted Initiative Emphasizes Holistic Fitness and Maternal Well-Being

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Extraordinary Brands and its pūrvelo indoor cycling franchise have teamed up on a mission to empower maternal well-being through Lifted, the nonprofit affiliate of pūrvelo. Lifted holds programs and community events that aim to nurture women – and their families – throughout the perinatal period, from the beginning of their pregnancies and continuing for as long as a year after giving birth. The pūrvelo franchise is perfectly positioned to give such support: It’s a rhythm-based indoor cycling studio that incorporates hand weights and choreography in full-body workouts while encouraging members to form a community.  

Established this year, Lifted defines its mission as supporting women in communities where Extraordinary Brands/pūrvelo franchisees live by creating a safe outlet for exercising, sharing experiences and providing resources for maternal wellness. The outreach of Lifted ranges from intimate group sessions to clothing drives, all the while meeting mothers’ varied needs and offering self-care that’s critical to their mental health. 

How Lifted Began

Extraordinary Brands initially conceived the original vision for Lifted. Collaborating with Maxine Clifford, the owner of pūrvelo cycle in Charlottesville, Va., were Holly Kennedy and Ellen Jones, the co-founders of Mother Tree Wellness. Together, they curated the perfect blend of fitness, mental health, and communal unity. Extraordinary Brands played a pivotal role in connecting Maxine with Mother Tree Wellness, and as a result, the three women came together to orchestrate “Mom’s Ride,” a unique pūrvelo curriculum that seamlessly combines physical activity and meaningful conversations.

In each Lifted session, participants are guided through an enriching dialogue led by Kennedy and Jones; in the dialogue, they examine and explore the myriad facets of motherhood. Through their own motherhood odysseys as well as through their professional studies, Kennedy and Jones knew how much friends’ emotional support, along with a holistic approach to fitness, could help moms as they cope with fatigue, physical changes in their bodies, emotional peaks and valleys, and capably parenting their babies. 

Extraordinary Brands nonprofit Lifted
From left to right, Lauren Holzman, Ellen Jones, Maxine Clifford and Holly Kennedy.

Lifted sessions acknowledge that every participant is an individual and that each of their children also is an individual. As such, demands and needs differ, and Lifted – with its no-judgment, welcoming environment – doesn’t force them into a one-size-fits-all approach. “By celebrating differences in experiences, mindsets, strengths and personalities, Lifted provides a platform for discovery and growth,” Kennedy says. 

Maternal Well-Being

She and Jones emphasize the importance of community and networking for maternal well-being. “We felt so grateful for the opportunity to combine the mind and body aspects of well-being and to feel the collective energy of all the women coming together. While each of our journeys in motherhood might look different, there are so many commonalities we share and to just be ‘seen’ can be so powerful,” Kennedy says.

Jones praises pūrvelo as “a welcoming space, one that offers each mom an opportunity to connect with what resonated for them in that moment.” Jones adds, “We want every mother to feel revered, empowered and recognized in her singular journey as a parent. With allies like pūrvelo and Extraordinary Brands, we will elevate the lives and spirits of mothers – and their families – and, as a result, also build stronger, more resilient communities.”

Lifted Volunteering

Extraordinary Brands non profit Lifted

Lifted leaders are looking for volunteers, whom they call “the backbone of our mission.”  “We offer a variety of opportunities for franchise partners, individuals, and organizations to get involved and make a difference in the lives of those we serve,” Kennedy says. She concludes by saying that Lifted is “a movement to ensure every mother feels seen, heard and lifted higher.”

Lifted’s sessions and other activities are available in conjunction with local pūrvelo franchises. Interested moms and moms-to-be may call their nearest pūrvelo location to learn more about Lifted opportunities. 

Lifted is a passion of Extraordinary Brands’ corporate members, franchise partners, caring mental health experts and community enthusiasts dedicated to advancing maternal well-being. To learn more about Lifted, please visit https://lifted.org/. To learn more about pūrvelo and the brand’s franchise opportunities, visit https://purvelofranchising.com/ or contact Danielle Wright, pūrvelo chief of development at 661-379-6037 dwright@extraordinarybrands.com.

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