Craveworthy Brands Hires Jeremy Theisen

HW - Jeremy Theisen, Craveworthy Brands

The Restaurant Pro Brings Over Two Decades of Experience to the Role

Craveworthy Brands, a corporate franchisor of restaurant concepts, tapped Jeremy Theisen as Chief Growth and Development Officer. With this role, Theisen will oversee franchise development and revenue growth for all of Craveworthy Brands’ concepts, including Wing It On!, The Budlong, Krafted Burger + Tap, Genghis Grill, BD’s Mongolian Grill and Flat Top Grill. He brings over two decades of restaurant experience to the position.

“What excites me the most about this position is the opportunity to work with Gregg [Majewski], who has made a name for himself as a successful restaurant operator. I’m thrilled to be part of the journey of creating teams, generating jobs and mentoring internal talent,” Theisen said. 

Theisen met Majewski at the Marketing Executives Group conference and was impressed by his approach and understanding of the challenges in the restaurant industry. Craveworthy’s disruptive approach and potential for success excited Theisen and aligned with his experience in startups.

Jeremy Theisen, Craveworthy Brands.
Jeremy Theisen is the new Chief Growth and Development Officer for Craveworthy Brands. 

Majewski believes that Theisen is the right person for the job. “His extensive experience in both the restaurant and technology sectors will be instrumental in driving development strategies for our portfolio brands. Plus, Jeremy’s proven ability to ignite revenue streams combined with his passion for mentoring teams make him a perfect fit for our organization.”

Theisen’s Franchising Background

Theisen cut his teeth in the restaurant industry in 2000 while scaling a startup called A friend asked him to help with some consulting work. While it sounded exciting at first, Theisen and his friends went door-to-door meeting restaurant owners, understanding their challenges of attracting customers and providing them with a low-cost solution. This consulting opportunity eventually led Theisen to a leadership role. At Craveworthy, he can focus on the operational side of the business.

Over the span of his career, Theisen has worked in leadership roles with FAT Brands, Punchh, and PathSpot. While working on the vendor side of franchising, he helped franchisees implement digital projects and served as a mediator between corporate teams and franchisees to get projects approved and implemented. He relates to franchisees because he comes from a family roofing business. 

His favorite aspect of franchising is the opportunity for growth and entrepreneurship. In addition to benefiting from proven systems and ongoing support from franchisors, entrepreneurs can bring their passion and ideas to life, he added. Witnessing franchisees thrive is rewarding and inspirational for him.

For Franchisee Candidates

Theisen urges aspiring franchise owners to research the industry and understand the specific franchise model. In his view, it’s important to have a deep understanding of the brand, its target market and the franchise agreement terms. Additionally, building strong relationships and networking are invaluable. 

Theisen believes franchisors should focus on ensuring operational and technological excellence before franchising. “By developing brands internally and offering well-run restaurants with strong financial performance, franchisors can reduce risk for franchisees.”

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