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Saturday 10 October 2015
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April 22, 2005 - Franchisefind Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of www.franchisewire.com - a dedicated franchise press release newswire and distribution service.

FranchiseWire.com carries news and press releases issued direct by companies/organisations involved or affiliated with franchising, like franchise companies, franchise attorneys/lawyers, franchise consultants, franchising expo organisers, franchise publications, franchise lenders, and other franchising service providers.

FranchiseWire.com is a comprehensive internet-based franchising newswire service. Franchise company officers or their PR organisations can become members, register companies, and submit press releases for worldwide publication.

Franchise journalists, commentators, industry experts and other site visitors can search company news through a range of categories including date, company name, industry sector, and country.

Visitors can subscribe to a free weekly newsletter linking to latest news releases and subscribe to an RSS XML news feed that can be added to My Yahoo! or almost any news aggregator.

The site also enables visitors to browse a directory of franchise-related companies and specialist franchising public relations companies.

FranchiseWire.com is founded by Dr Callum Floyd of Franchisefind Ltd, who is also responsible for the popular franchise news, information and discussion portal, www.franchise-chat.com established in December 1999.

Dr Floyd believes a dedicated and professional newswire service for the world franchise community is long overdue: “Franchising is so pervasive it seemed crazy that no specialist franchising newswire service existed.”

The objectives for establishing FranchiseWire.com are threefold: (1) to provide franchise-related organisations, regardless of size, with the opportunity for valuable and highly focused news exposure; (2) to provide journalists, reporters and commentators with news they can use; and 3), to promote a greater understanding of franchising within the business and wider community.

FranchiseWire.com will be a resource reporters can use to both discover an emerging star and keep updated on global brands.



FranchiseWire.com is a specialty newswire service specific to franchising. FranchiseWire.com publishes press releases issued direct by a wide range of organizations involved in franchising. Visitors to the site can search franchise news in a variety of ways, explore company details, and subscribe to newsletter and newswire feeds. FranchiseWire.com is owned and managed by Franchisefind Ltd, a New Zealand-based company dedicated to the provision of quality franchising information.

Franchisefind Ltd

Franchisefind Ltd owns and operates www.franchisewire.com and www.franchise-chat.com. Franchise-chat.com is a world franchising news, resource and information portal. FranchiseWire.com is a free franchising press release distribution service. Franchisefind Ltd is owned and managed by Dr Callum Floyd.

Dr Callum Floyd

Callum owns and operates Franchisefind Ltd. He has completed Masters and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) qualifications with franchising theses, and his research, articles and comments have been published in numerous international academic journals, magazines and newspapers throughout the world. Callum is also a Senior Consultant with the New Zealand franchising and licensing consultancy, Franchize Consultants (NZ) Ltd.

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