With HealthyYOU Vending, Owners Feel Good About the Products They Sell


You don’t have to settle for junk food with HealthyYOU

Vending machines have a bad rap for selling junk food, but it doesn’t have to be that way, says HealthyYOU Vending President and CEO Jeff Marsh. 

The brand is focused on selling high-quality food, drinks and other wellness items. “We sold the first healthy vending machines in the nation in 2007 in response to an increasing number of forward-thinking companies who were asking for something other than junk food in their employee vending machines,” he says. “The Covid-19 pandemic put even more focus on companies providing healthier options for their employees.” 

HealthyYOU’s machines take it a step further with their Wellness Centers, which are offered as an add-on to the machines and sell common over-the-counter medications. “People will pay a premium for a dose or two of medicine that they would typically have handy at home. These include items for cold symptoms, allergies, heartburn, indigestion, headache and more,” Marsh says. Employers love that their employees have access to these products right in the office and don’t have to leave to get them. 

In many cities and counties non-food items such as medicines cannot be sold in the same machine as snacks and drinks. The Wellness Center is a solution for owners to offer these convenient and high-profit products. “We are the only company with an optional side unit.”

The HealthyYOU Vending Business Opportunity

Vending machines from the HealthyYOU Vending franchise business opportunity

Many HealthyYOU investors like the business opportunity because since it’s not a franchise; the company doesn’t charge royalties or any other ongoing fees. “But we look like a franchise when it comes to training and support. We are the only healthy vending machine company offering both Discovery Days and live training. We also provide the option of starting part-time,” says Marsh. 

The company designs the machines and has them custom built in the U.S. “Other companies sell standard glass-front machines that have been around since the 1970s,” Marsh says.  

Another advantage is customized locations. “We don’t take the cookie-cutter approach most common in our industry. Locations are every new person’s main concern, and helping our owners get their healthy vending machines into great locations is our top priority,” Marsh says.

The Day-to-Day 

HealthyYOU Vending business owners spend about one hour per machine each week to accomplish these three simple steps:

Monitor: Owners can monitor their machines remotely, 24/7 in real time, from any device. They quickly and easily identify the best product mix and know exactly what is needed to restock each machine before they go.

Restock: Each location visit is typically 20 minutes to remove cash and replenish products. Most machines are restocked weekly. 

Reorder: To restock their ready supply, HealthyYOU Vending business owners reorder the products they need online. They can order directly from UNFI, a vendor that supplies Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and other healthy grocers and health food stores. Owners who are expanding their business will follow up on location leads received through their website (designed by the company).

Ideal Candidate

The HealthyYOU Vending business model appeals particularly to investors who want:

  • Franchise-level support without royalties or other ongoing fees.
  • The ability to start part-time and grow to full-time if that’s their goal.
  • The desire to build their own brand and enjoy business ownership.
  • A largely passive income, without the necessity of employees.
  • The ability to run a business as an absentee owner with a few employees that HealthyYOU will train.
  • Comfortable with an initial investment between $50,000 – $200,000.

Learn more at www.healthyyouvending.com

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