Why Mathnasium Franchises Score an A-Plus

Mathnasium Franchise

The Math-Focused Tutoring Brand Offers a Rewarding Mission, Steady Demand and Affordability

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The Mathnasium franchise has a whole lot of pluses going for it. In particular, franchisees appreciate its intrinsically rewarding mission, established brand, ongoing consumer demand and affordability. 

CEO Mike Davis explains that the reward aspect began back in the 1990s, when education industry pioneers and Mathnasium founders Peter Markovitz and David Ullendorff recognized that a solid understanding of mathematics is crucial for people to reach their full potential in school and in life. Markovitz and Ullendorff saw that schools often struggled to give kids the individualized attention they needed to succeed math, “so they founded Mathnasium, a math-only learning center committed to providing the world’s best instruction. Their goal was to teach children math in a way that makes sense to students and sets them up for lifelong success.”  

A Different Approach to Teaching Math

Markovitz and Ullendorff tapped Larry Martinek, a teaching specialist and curriculum consultant, to lay the foundation for excellence at Mathnasium. “The inspiration for Mathnasium really started with an overall frustration with traditional math education. Larry felt the traditional approach to teaching math was overly focused on memorization and lacked a strong emphasis on understanding math concepts. As a result, many students struggled with the subject and lost confidence in their abilities.”

Martinek turned that around with his Mathnasium program. The personalized instruction and customized learning plans combine mental, tactile, verbal, visual and written exercises. “This approach helps students who were once struggling to acquire a deep understanding of math concepts,” Davis says. “Students of all skill levels can develop the skills and confidence needed to excel in math and beyond. Helping kids understand, master and love math is a tremendous help to the community, and many of our franchisees are attracted to the opportunity because they know their business can really make a difference in children’s lives.”

Mathnasium Franchise
Mathnasium teaches children math in a way that makes sense to students and sets them up for lifelong success.

Mathnasium franchisees also pay it forward by giving back to their communities as a whole. Davis says franchisees are encouraged to participate in local food drives, charity contests, silent auctions, event sponsorships and donations to PTAs. They assist nonprofits such as Operation Warm, the American Diabetes Association, Our Military Kids, STOMP Out Bullying and Covenant House, he adds. 

Mathnasium Business Model

Mathnasium has been giving back for more than two decades. Founded in 2002 and franchising since 2003, the Mathnasium franchise is a “well-established and highly recognized brand, with over 1,000 centers in North America and a presence in seven countries. It’s trusted by more than 1 million parents. Because of this global awareness, franchisees are set up for success when launching their businesses,” Davis says. 

“The Mathnasium franchise has a proven business model. We’ve found a niche in the educational enrichment industry that is in high demand and growing,” Davis says. Globally the tutoring industry will reach $279 billion by 2027, he adds.  

“Mathnasium has experienced a record increase in student enrollments as the spike in supplemental education continues to climb. Based on the findings of The Nation’s Report Card 2022,  which is conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics, part of the U.S. Department of Education – math scores for fourth- and eighth-graders declined during the pandemic. According to the data, we’ve reached a critical point. If we don’t place greater emphasis on remedying Covid learning losses now, achievement gaps are likely to continue to widen. Learning loss is reversible, and parents are taking note.” 

Mathnasium Franchise
Mathnasium‘s personalized instruction and customized learning plans combine mental, tactile, verbal, visual and written exercises.

The Mathnasium Franchise Investment

That’s important news for entrepreneurs who want to invest in a Mathnasium franchise. “The business model is based on recurring revenue, with students typically enrolling in ongoing programs rather than one-time sessions,” Davis says. “This can provide franchisees a more predictable and stable revenue stream.”

Start-up costs range from about $113,000 to roughly $149,000, depending on the location of the franchise. The amount includes the $49,000 franchise fee, setting up a center, marketing campaigns and months of working capital. Franchisees do not need a professional background in education. They receive comprehensive initial and ongoing training and support as well as proprietary software tools and resources. 

“Mathnasium’s success grew from its mission of helping kids attain a solid foundation in mathematics and seeing the rewarding results,” Davis says. “We plan to further our global reach by partnering with existing franchisees who are expanding and by teaming up with new multi-center investors who want to join an industry-leading worldwide network – one with a time-tested business model and curriculum.”

To learn more about a Mathnasium franchise, visit https://mathnasiumfranchise.com/ or call 1-888-763-2604.

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