Mathnasium’s Teaching Philosophy Adds Up For Struggling Math Students

Mathnasium Franchise

The Math Tutoring Franchise Takes a Different Approach to Learning

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Math doesn’t come easily to every student, and for many, it’s a constant source of struggle. But it doesn’t have to be that way, says Shant Assarian, CEO of the Mathnasium math tutoring franchise. He says it’s hard to teach math in large groups. “Some of today’s middle school classes have 25 to 30 kids who are at all different levels. That scenario makes it challenging to teach and hard to learn.”

Shant Assarian, CEO of the Mathnasium math tutoring franchise business
Shant Assarian, CEO of the Mathnasium math tutoring franchise.

Once students fall behind in math, it’s hard to get back on track, but that’s where Mathnasium comes in. “The single most desired subject for tutoring is math,” says Assarian. “Even the smartest parents have a tough time teaching math in a way children can best comprehend it… They can’t always help their kids.” 

Making Math Fun

Mathnasium takes a different approach to teaching and learning math. “We make math fun and engaging. We want kids to come in and have a great experience instead of viewing math as a burden,” he says. “We take about five minutes out of sessions to play select games with kids that help reinforce the math concepts we’ve been teaching them.”

Even though today’s students have more digital resources at their disposal, Assarian says they just can’t replace human interaction. “Today’s teaching methods have injected a lot of noise around students that needs to be filtered out,” says Assarian. “The way you describe things to children really makes a difference.”

Mathnasium franchise business
Mathnasium helps children master math skills so they can succeed in the real world.

With technology playing a bigger role in the way we live and do business, math continues to be a sought-after skill. “Mathnasium helps children master math skills so they can succeed in the real world.” Assarian says the best part for franchise owners is seeing the progress children make. “There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing a kid go from struggling student to best in class.”

Mathnasium Franchise Ownership

Mathnasium Storefront
  • Low startup costs: Franchisees can be up and running for $150,000.
  • In-demand business: By 2025, the private tutoring sector in the U.S. will grow by $8.37 billion.
  • Feel-good business: Mathnasium offers an opportunity to help struggling students.
  • No teaching experience needed: Franchise owners don’t need a teaching or math degree.
  • Staffing is simple: Ideal instructors are college and high school students. 
  • Respected brand: Mathnasium is an award-winning brand with 950 locations in the U.S. and hundreds more around the globe.  

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