Waxxpot Brings Wellness Franchising to a New Level


Waxxpot CEO and Founder Daniel Sadd Pulls out all the Stops to Make his Emerging Brand the Leading Waxing Franchise

Waxxpot CEO and founder Daniel Sadd says that he is laser-focused on the details that differentiate Waxxpot, a boutique waxing franchise. Among them are exceptional support and training from a strong senior leadership team. “We are right alongside our franchisees, boots on the ground,” he says. “Investing in Waxxpot means that you’re going into business with me personally,” he says. With a “never enough” mentality, Sadd and his team are committed to constant improvement.

Sadd describes Waxxpot as a dynamic, innovative company, and he should know. As the creator of Salon Lofts, Sadd launched and has grown the suite rental business to more than 163 locations. 

Investing in Waxxpot means that you’re going into business with me personally.

Daniel Sadd

Although his background is a natural fit for Waxxpot, Sadd never planned to start up a franchise operation or even enter the waxing business, but he couldn’t resist when he first heard about the Waxxpot store and found out it was for sale. “I could see the possibilities right away. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up,” he says. From recurring revenue, to the huge market, to the fast, popular services, Sadd recognized a winning formula and acquired the Columbus, OH business in 2016.

Although his initial intention was limited to owning and operating the original shop, Sadd quickly realized that the Waxxpot business model could easily be replicated and he opened several more locations in the Ohio area. The proven formula was a natural fit for franchising and Sadd starting offering agreements at the end of 2020. Despite the pandemic, Sadd reached his goal of awarding 11 locations within the first six months of franchising. 

A Movement to Self-Care

Taking care of your body and mind is no longer considered selfish or indulgent. It is considered an investment in well-being, and Waxxpot’s customers are happy to make that investment. 

With an average ticket of $44 for a 15-minute service, Waxxpot offers a very high revenue-per- minute business. This formula is a win-win for customers and franchisees alike. The lucrative business model also makes it easy to retain quality employees, since they can make great salaries and tips. “We are very sincere about our offering. We are committed to making our franchisees and their employees successful,” Sadd says. 

the exterior of a Waxxpot franchise business location
With an average ticket of $44 for a 15-minute service, Waxxpot offers a very high revenue-per-minute business. 

About Waxxpot

  • FEEL-GOOD BUSINESS: Waxxpot is a fun business that’s all about making people feel good about themselves. 
  • STRONG LEADERSHIP: The Waxxpot leadership team has a combined 80+ years of experience spanning multiple brands and industries. 
  • RECURRING REVENUE: Customers keep coming back for regular services. 
  • HIGH PRICE-PER-MINUTE: The average ticket is $44 for a 15-minute service.
  • EMPLOYEE AND CUSTOMER RETENTION: Waxxpot’s licensed estheticians and cosmetologists receive ongoing training which makes them excellent at what they do and keeps customers coming back.
  • TWO TYPES OF OWNERS: Waxxpot is awarding franchises to both single and multi-unit investors.
  • INNOVATIVE AND INCLUSIVE: Waxxpot serves both men and women with a growing array of innovative services.
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