Useful Tips for Buying Equipment for Your New Salon Franchise

Since the dawn of getting their bodies covered by clothes, human beings are getting rid of excess body hair and trying to maintain their claws. For some a cultural matter, but for many, it a question of aesthetics – this endeavor of grooming ourselves will last for a much longer time unless scientists don’t come up with a hairless and nailless solution soon enough.

Therefore, if you’ve come up with an idea of opening a beauty salon – congratulations, as this can be a steady, profitable business, if operated correctly and professionally, resulting in satisfied clients. However, you must’ve faced a fact that you’ll need specified furniture and equipment, besides a business plan and preparation. Let’s see what tips you can find useful and practical while you consider what you need for your new salon.

Quality, Above All

Imagine the design of your salon, with modern furniture, open space, excellent services, and professional employees. What could possibly be out of the picture, besides the price of the business?

Clients do tend the recognize the quality of the equipment used, from furniture to cosmetic products. A good piece of furniture can save you a ton of money in the long run, just as using professional cosmetic brands – you tend to use smaller amounts for the same effect.

On the other hand, the importance that North American built furniture can have for your salon is indeed great as not only it can be more promptly delivered to your doorstep, but the quality is less debatable. Alongside the high-quality materials that make the furniture lasting longer and being more comfortable, you would also support the local and national market, and domestic production.

What’s Your Niche?

Meaning, what kind of salon are you opening. Is it a hair or nail salon, or a regular beauty salon with many bases covered? And based on the type, you can expect this equipment:

Hair Salon

In the hair trade, the stations with mirrors are the most important areas and equipage. Add to it the chairs – regular or barber ones, and the price skyrockets, right? These tend to be the most expensive and most prominent pieces and you might consider getting professional advice or to look at used ones from some closed salon – as long as they’re not quality incriminated.

Hood dryers are also worth considering. Not only they are making the hair updo process faster, but they are also highly practical.

Nail Salon

Contrastingly to hair utilities, nail salons need to be regularly washed and sanitized, but other than that, the only significant equipment you’ll need is the manicure stands and pedicure chairs. Consider getting the ones with built-in foot baths as they’ll look more professional, fresh, and relaxed.

Beauty and Massage Salon

If you plan treatments that require clients to lay down, such as waxing or massage, then you can expect massaging tables and beauty couches to be the biggest expenditures. Consequently, you will need a washing machine and a dryer for an excessive number of towels.

Additionally, you’ll need a POS system, computer, telephone. Every salon also needs to have reception chairs, retail products, uniforms, hygiene products, magazine racks, reception desk…

Contact the Distributors

To get to and to buy all these supplies and machinery, you will need to find local, wholesale or international distributors with local agents. Get to know the brands, get familiar with prices, what other salons usually purchase, and do they have a stable, recommendable review of retailers and distributors.

The choice of distributors can have a considerable impact on your business, so do a little research first before approaching a certain one. Consider the price and the customer support, consulting possibility and different distributors offer, and do not forget (or be afraid) to ask if they offer any deals or perks.

Consider Loans

When you’re starting, it can be difficult to afford all these purchases, unless you’re starting with hefty savings. In the other case scenario, financial help from banks and lenders might come in handy. Some existent bank loans for small and startup businesses offer low rates and fast payback periods, some of them immediate funding, but you’ll need to have a stable credit history or a proper business plan.

There are, also, specified lenders who offer equipment financing, which uses the equipment as a monetary deposit. That way, you can make regular payments to them until the value of the equipment is repaid with interest and you don’t need to go through the bank for a loan.

Preparing a list of what equipment you need to buy will be the first step in making a budget and setting up a cash flow chart. Then, everything else your salon needs is to succeed, with good fashion and satisfaction, knowledgeable employees, and comprehension of how much its services will be worth.

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